Baby’s Appetite Has Returned, YAY!

After a bout of super low appetite during her recent UTI attack, Baby’s appetite has made a come back, at an all-time high since Saturday. On Saturday, she ate 1 full bowl of chicken-pork ribs-abalone porridge. Porridge was something that she never really fancied but that night, she gobbled down the porridge.

Yesterday night over dinner, she ate 1/2 a bowl of buckwheat noodles seasoned with Bragg’s liquid amino acid, some toasted organic sesame seeds, ground almond (both for added calcium), onion omelette, mustard green veggie and barley water with Nutrifresh. This morning, she gulped down her soy bean milk mixed with 1 scoop of Pediasure vanilla and antibiotics. When she saw me eating hard boiled egg, for once she asked for the egg. I gave her about  1/4 of the free-range chicken egg and she polished off the egg. Now she’s nibbling on rice bubbles and has already asked me for 6 helpings!  I think she will ask for more after she has whacked the current bowl of rice bubble. It’s ok Baby, eat all you want to your heart’s content, the more and better!

I am going to cook fish bolognaise pasta with shiitake mushrooms, celery, onions, tomatoes and carrots for lunch today for Baby and my 2 older gals. Whoa, I am SO happy to see Baby eat like a glutton and I hope that she will be this ravenous every SINGLE DAY! 

In these pix, Baby was eating wan tan meen the very first time in her life. After her antibiotics jab at the hospital last week, we went to a nearby coffee shop for brunch. When she saw me eating the noodles, she went gaa gaa. After just 1 try, she wanted more and more and it was never ending. She’s another Sherilyn in the making, another noodles crazed toddler who dislikes rice and meat, unless they are seasoned with loads of soy sauce and sweet sauce (VERY BAD!) :S

The wan tan meen was immersed in some warm barley water to remove the excess oil and seasoning before I gave it to Baby.

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