Baby Flosses Her Teeth

Food always gets lodged between Baby’s 2 bottom front incisors (she only has 2 teeth at the bottom) and it always has to be there and no more where else. Removing the food from between the teeth is a tall order. I normally use a wet hanky but at times, I would accidentally hurt her gums too coz she would keep closing her mouth. So I have resorted to using dental floss to remove the lodged food! Thankfully Baby did not resist when I flossed her teeth. I guess she’s used to watching me and her Alycia jie jie flossing our teeth.

Me helping her floss her teeth.

And she wanted to be independent and tried flossing herself. Of course she couldn’t, how could she, she’s only 21 months old, but with her determination, I’m sure she’ll soon succeed.

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