Deep Freezing Fried Vermicelli

I always cook large portions of spaghetti and pasta and deep freeze them for Baby. The other day I cooked a big pot of fried vermicelli and decided to try deep freezing them. I had never before tried deep freezing fried vermicelli and I am glad that I experimented doing so, as the defrosted and reheated fried vermicelli tasted just as good several days later.

My fried mee hoon (vermicelli) with mustard green (sawi), chicken breast meat, tofu pok (puffed tofu), lots of chopped garlic and 2 eggs.  My 3 gals love fried mee hoon and this pyrex serving dish of mee hoon is enough for lunch, dinner and 2 portions for deep freezing. 

Does anyone deep freeze fried vermicelli too?  I am a deep freezing health freak mommy. My freezer is filled with frozen food from bread to stews, spaghetti, pasta, soups, unfinished rice and much more. My mum is the champion.  She deep freezes mooncakes, CNY cookies, cakes, durian, strawberries and just about anything that she can think of!

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