She’s Afraid Of No Chillies

My 2 older gals love nasi lemak, Indian food or anything that is spicy. When they were younger, they could not stomach spicy stuff but as they grow older, their palate evolved and now, spicy food spice up their mood and appetite! 

This bowl of Nyonya nasi lemak (minus the sambal which I find was too spicy to tolerate) was for Alycia. She loved the ayam masak merah with the coconut milk rice.  She could chomp down the whole big bowl of rice and chicken and I had to stop her, lest she overate and got a tummy upset. Since birth until now, this girl has a voracious appetite and seldom gave me problems when it comes to eating or drinking. In fact, I’m trying to control her food intake, lest she balloons up into a tai fei por hahahahahaha…

Uuuuuuuu…..mmmmmmm, hmmmmm, so yummy!

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