Baby C’s First Wedding Dinner Experience

Baby attended her first ever wedding dinner at a hotel on Friday last week. My maid did not attend and I had to feed Baby dinner and changed her diapers (every hourly, for fear of another UTI attack) by myself with the help of my mum. She could sit still on the high chair for an hour, thanks to the nitrogen-filled ballons and the wedding favours, which she played with. Towards the end of the dinner, she was crabby and didn’t want to drink her milk when I spoon-fed her. She even puked on the floor when I tried to force-feed her to finish off the pathetic 4 ounces of Pediasure milk.

When a man dressed up in traditional Chinese sam foo wearing a HUGE face mask came hopping out just before the first dish was served, Baby startled, screeeeeamed and jumped out of the high chair. She was terrified of the man in mask, hahahahah! Nevertheless, Baby enjoyed some of the food, especially the fish ball from the cold-hot combination dish and the crispy fried chicken. She ditched her own food (fried mee hoon) which I brought along.

Baby with Princess Wannabe Sherilyn jie jie, who dressed up in her Princess Aurora costume, which koo mar bought for her when she was in Hong Kong Disneyland last year. She even insisted that granny painted her finger nails with nail polish! This Princess Wananbe is going to be one very, very, very vain pot when she grows up.

Baby with Dhillon, her boyfriend.  I kept telling her Dhillon is her boyfriend coz they seemed to be an item and had a liking for each other.  But their friendship ended bitter when Dhillon accidentally pushed Baby onto the floor and caused a blue-black bump on her forehead!

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