Outing At KL Times Square

Last Saturday, hubs brought us to Times Square as my parents from Ipoh were here and they have never been to Times Square. We left the house at around 11am and left Times Square at around 4ish pm. It was a day filled with endless fun and thrill for the gals. They had so much fun that they did not even feel hungry and we only had a late lunch at 3pm.

Before we went inside the Cosmo’s World Theme Park, which is the largest indoor theme park in Malaysia, hubs bought some burgers from McDonald’s. We were prohibited from bringing outside food into the theme park, so we had to gobble them up before entrance. Rascal #2 refused to eat. Let’s see what happened to her at the end of our outing at Times Square.

Let me tell ya, Cosmo’s World is huge, really huge and the rides are awesome, especially the rides for adults.  I was really tempted to sit on the roller coaster and the almost 3 to 4-storey high dunno what you call it ride that’s rectangular and goes up and down in a criss-cross motion.  I think I can overcome my Acrophobia (fear of heights) but I can’t control of what goes inside me when I am being tossed and turned upside down continuously for a freaking 10 minutes or more, coz I am one who gets dizzy and nauseous very easily. My almost 70-year old dad went on the roller coaster ride himself though hahaha… papa, you’re really sporting!

The scary ride I was talking about is at the far back.  I think it’s called Spinning RBIT.  Passengers are seated inside the 2 long rectangular bars that will spin up and down.

Part of the huge Cosmo’s World Theme Park.

Alycia and Sherilyn each won a bear when they successfully rolled a ball onto a jar with a colored lid.

Don’t know what this is called but it’s surely gonna send your adrenalin rushing out. It rotates and swings you up and down 360 degrees, over and over again. I sat on this ride in Goldcoast, Australia many years back. This time round, I gave it a skip and encouraged my maid to have a ride on it.  She’s seated third from the left in this pic. She gladly went but shut her eyes tight throughout the horror ride, muahahahahah!

After the terror rides, we had lunch at a Chinese restaurant in Times Square.  Then we went to the Concourse area of Times Square and snapped pix of the CNY decor, which is a Chinatown theme, iLike, nice!

Ckeck out my health blog to find out what happened to Sherilyn after spending half a day at Times Square.

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