Why, Why Baby?

Why, why Baby are you waking up at 6am everyday for the past 2 days? Once this happens, mummy’s plan will go haywire. You don’t want Kakak or daddy but only want mummy, no one else but mummy!! Aiyoyo Baby girl, mummy has to supervise Alycia jie jie so that she gets ready by 6:30am.  Yesterday Aunty F the driver was angry coz she had to wait for 7 minutes for Alycia jie jie… yes she said that “why so late? I waited for 7 mins already?”

Please be good Baby, hush little Baby don’t wake up until 8am ok? Mummy has to go and exercise in the morning – jog, swim or work out in the gym. Without exercise, mummy will go bonkers. And if you do wake up early, don’t fuss, just play with daddy ok?

Baby ain’t a fruit lover. I can count the fruits that she likes – durian, sweet tangerines (which is only available during the CNY period and she can eat bowls and bowls of it if I allow her to!!), the occasional mangoes and cherries. The rest of the fruits, she’ll chew and then spit them all out, eeeesh!!

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