Dad’s Homecooked Food

When my parents were here last week, my dad took over the wok one afternoon and cooked fried vermicelli. After happily sweating it out in the kitchen (my dad is naturally a talented cook and loves whipping out dishes for us), my dad suddenly remembered he had forgotten to put the marinated pork into the wok to fry together with the browned garlic half way through cooking.

So after he had finished frying the vermicelli (ingredients were fine vermicelli, silver anchovies, dried shrimps, dried bean curd sheets, cabbage, shallots and garlic), he whipped out another dish with the forgotten marinated pork — stir fried pork with ginger and ginger wine, one of my favorite confinement dishes.

My 2 fried mee hoon fanatics.  Whenever there’s fried vermicelli, meal times are such a breeze.  I can eat in peace and leave these 2 flers alone to gobble down their bowl of mee hoon on their own.

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