Our First Monday In The Year 2010

Not exactly a good way to begin my new year on the first Monday of the year. I woke up at 5:30am with a nagging discomfort in my abdomen area. Felt like pooing and felt nauseous. Since 5:30am, I have been purging more than 10x up until now. It must be something that I ate at the Le Meridien Hotel buffet over lunch yesterday, either the raw sashimi or the cendol. On a bright side, my weight has dropped from 46kg to 45kg since there’s almost nothing left in my guts 😀

Alycia woke up at 6am and I managed to get her ready by 6:40am. She’s quite independent and disciplined, unlike rascal #2. Everything went smoothly on her official first day at school (she had 2 days of orientation in school last week). But her teacher still thinks her hair was too long for the school’s standard (blah!) and told her to either cut it short or tie a bun (for Pete’s sake, how to tie a bun with such short hair?!). I chose the former and daddy brought her to have her hair trimmed. She’s now sulking over her short hair, me inclusive!!

Rascal #2 did pretty well in school. I hardly have to worry if she’ll cry in school coz she’s a social butterfly, ever so cheerful and happy and she even cheered up her new weepy classmates last year. 

As for Baby, I am really upset that she has a bladder infection. Her pee smelled a tad foul and looked cloudy since yesterday afternoon. I texted my surgeon and he suggested that I sent her pee for a test. The initial urine FEME test showed a WBC of 16-18. I am still hoping that her body can flush out the bacteria on its own without the need for antibiotics. The surgeon and I are equally perplexed as to why this is happening as the MCUG scan showed she has no more kidney reflux and the ultrasound scan done recently looked good too. This is her first UTI after her surgeries more than 6 months ago. I suspect that it’s caused by her swimming in the Hard Rock Hotel Penang pool 2 weeks ago. You know how much bacteria is teeming in a public pool, moreover the pool was flooded with people.

Alycia with Baby at Le Meridien yesterday. Baby was sucking on a wedge of lemon.

How was your first Monday of the year?

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11 thoughts on “Our First Monday In The Year 2010

  1. Hope baby C get well soon. She is so cute and adoreable in the picture…

    Now that I know your weight… I know I would never get that far… I am satisfied if I can get down to 51 or 52, 5 more kg to loose.

  2. Diarrhoea is always the fastest way to lost weight. Hahahah. I hope I could get diarrhoea also, but my stomach is quite strong, so i seldom have diarrhoea one.

    I am very worrying of Baby C too. Please let us know more about her condition now.

  3. Hope baby C will recover soon. Wow you only weight 46kg and you still do so much exercise. 😛

    Better keep short hair in school because long hair may easily catch some lice/kutu. 😉

  4. I am just as disheartened to hear the UTI recurred. I highly doubt it was from swimming…I am sure your surgeon would agree. Did he ask if C had other symptoms like fever/ lethargy/pain/loss of appetite? Did he suggest to just watch and wait?
    Btw, the most common diseases picked up from swimming pools are plantar warts and ear infections. And of course diarrhea if one decides to have a few sips too many from the pool! So sorry abt your food poisoning..keep up your fluid intake.

  5. Chris… I am now playing the wait and see game. Her body is a tad hot but she’s still as active as ever, though appetite has decreased. I kept asking her if she has pain when she wee wee and she shoke her head. If her pee still looks cloudy and smells foul tomorrow, I will bring her to the paed.

  6. hope yr stomach discomfort would end soon 🙂
    and hoping that there’s nothing serious with baby.
    perhaps she really has to stay away fr public pool for sometime 🙁
    good luck 😀

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