The Unexpected Happened

When we were at Jacss’ house on Friday for the blogger’s CNY gathering cum baby Stuart’s fullmoon party, something very unexpected of Sherilyn happened. When we were about to leave Jacss’ house, leng lui Wendy carried Baby and pretended to bring Baby back to her home. To my surprise, Baby said “bye bye mummy, bye bye daddy and bye bye cheh cheh”. There really must have been some chemistry spark between Baby and leng lui Wendy coz she doesn’t normally follow strangers. Hubby and I then pretended to leave Jacss’ house together with Alycia and my maid but the unexpected happened. Sherilyn kept pulling Baby’s leg (in protest of Wendy bringing Baby away) and then moments later, she bawled “boo hoo hoo hoo hoo…..”  That really caught me my surprise coz all these while, Alycia is the one who is closer and chummier with Baby. However, lately, Sherilyn has been singing a lot with Baby and Baby has been the regular ‘patron’ of her ‘hair saloon’ too hahahaha!!! Perhaps Sherilyn does not want to lose a playmate.  I am glad that my seemingly tough and cold Sherilyn is indeed soft and warm deep inside her.  

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Guess What This Is

Can anyone guess what these are?

I saw these for sale at a mini market near where I stay. These are only available for sale before and during CNY. Some markets in PJ sell them too. Initially I thought they were some cheapskate chocolates made in China.  Even at a closer look, they look very much like chocolate coated nuts but they are no where near that.

These are NUTS! The packet of nuts comes with a special metal nut opener for you to price open the shell.   These nuts are crunchy, has a very nutty taste, very delicious, quite expensive and high in calories too. Do you know what nut this is?

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Our Friday

Just a short post to update what we have been up to today. Today is a public holiday and we were all at Jacss’ house to have a CNY bloggers’ gathering cum baby Stuart’s informal fullmoon party.

Which blogger was there:
1)  Paik Ling and Bryan
2)  Joanne Soo and her 2 kids … first time meeting this pretty mummy and her pretty daughter.  She has always kept me in suspense as she has never shown her pix or her kids’ pix in her blogs.
3) Peggy (Laundry Amah) and her 2 kids
4) Chin Nee, hubby, maid and her 3 kids
5) Channel and her 2 kids
6) Leng Lui Wendy Lim and her 2 kids
7) Irene Low, hubby and Krystle
8) Health Freak Mommy, hubs, maid and 3 kids
9) All Things Purple’s Christene (didn’t get to meet her as she came much later and I had left). 

Thankfully Jacss’ lovely abode was big enough to house all the bloggers, their spouses, maids and noisy kids. I had a bowl each of the mouth watering kai jau (chicken cooked with wine) and jui keok choa (pig’s trotters cooked in black vinegar) and gosh, they were SO good. I wanted to help myself to more but my head started to feel heavy after gulping down the bowl of wine haha!! I’m a lousy boozer, will turn red, nauseous and woozy even after a few sips of alcohol.

Sorry no pix to show as I was too busy yakking with the group of leng lui see lais and I was pretty much in a hurry to leave coz hubs has been very busy with work these past few days and had to go back to his office.

Oh yeah, I slept in until 6:45am today, which is quite rare.  I normally rise by 5:45am. I’ve been severely sleep deprieved lately and was too lazy to pull myself out of bed today.  Nevertheless, I still went jogging, with Baby in her stroller in toll.

How did you spend your holiday today?

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Games Addict

My 2 older gals are hooked on playing games from daddy’s handphone, just like their daddy. The hubs is one handphone games addict. He can stay up until the wee hours of the morning playing with games on his handphone. Alycia has even badgered me to get her a Playstation. No way am I going to get her a Playstation, lest she will do nothing but lock herself in her room with her eyes and hands glued to the gadget.

My 2 older rascals always help themselves to daddy’s handphone and this yes-man daddy never says no to their whims and fancies. I am always the villain, the disciplinarian who always put my foot down and say “NO” and “ENOUGH!”, haha!

We were having dinner at our favorite Korean restaurant last week and rascal #2 got hold of daddy’s hanphone and sat there all absorbed playing with the games, so ‘chee kek’ (thrilled and excited) till she kept hammering daddy’s handphone!!
BTW, do check out her princess way of sitting – cross legged and wearing her new white fairy outfit that hubs’ aunt got her from New Zealand.

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Truly A Rascal

For those of you who are regular readers of my blogs, you would have guessed who cut this RM1 note into zig zag strips.

My mil had bought each of my 2 older gals a pair of scissors that can cut zig zag shape. The curiosity got the better of my rascal and she must have either removed the RM1 note from her ang pow packet or dug it out from her piggy bank and cut the note with her zig zag scissors.

She even kept the strips of zig zag 1 ringgit note in her drawer and it was the tai kar cheh who discovered the crime. There was no partner in crime, just rascal #2 alone. Thank God it was just RM1 and not RM10 or RM50!!

And while I am at the topic of this pair of zig zag scissors, rascal #3 got hold of the pair of scissors one night last Saturday and cut a handful of her hair!!! I was busy entertaining my friends who had come to my house. When I changed Baby into her jammies, I was shocked and almost flipped when I saw the chunk of hair (about 10cm in length and about 100++ strands of them) on the floor of my bedroom. For a moment, I thought she had some diseases and her hair fell on its own. I then remembered that she was playing with the zig zag scissors earlier. Gosh, I tell yer, I almost puked in shock hahahahahah!!!

On a side note, do check out my blogshop for some new and trendy arrivals at even lower prices (ready stock)!!

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Baby’s Dinner

I started feeding Baby with rice and dishes about 2 weeks ago. Here’s her ‘official’ first bowl of rice with dishes:

Brown rice mixed with white rice, fried onion omelette (my 3 gals love this dish and love onions!), pan fried fish and stir-fried organic cabbage… not forgetting a soup of the day, which is a must for her everyday!

With only 6 teeth (2 bottom, 4 upper), she can eat pretty well, though I have to cut everything up into smaller pieces. I’m glad I didn’t blend her food to porridge consistency from the start (though I was so very tempted to and almost bought a blender) and now she can eat on her own quite independently. Each time I was tempted to blend her food, visions of Baby following rascal #2’s foot steps would flash across my mind.

I made a mistake by blending rascal #2’s food up until she was 3 yo and our previous maid spoon-fed her every meal until she was 3 yo. Now, she still needs us to feed her towards the end of the meal and has a habit of storing food (especialy rice with dishes) in her mouth!!

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Video Of Baby Singing “Happy Birthday To You”

Baby loves singing and can remember the tune of many nursery rhymes very well. Some of the songs that she can sing at 21 months old are ‘Happy Birthday’, the ABC song (with help from me), Barney’s I Love You, You Love Me song, some songs from Hi-5 and some nursery rhymes.

Here’s a video of Baby (21 mths old) singing ‘Happy Birthday To You’ shot last week.


At 18 months old, Baby could slot all the shapes correctly into this shape sorter in just minutes, which Elaine Tan gave her as a present after her surgeries last year. At 21 months old now, she could single out all the shapes in the shape sorter to me correctly when asked to, most of the time. The shapes that she can now recognize are star, square, triangle, oval, crescent, rectangle and semi-circle (she will get this confused with crescent at times).

In terms of her speech, Baby is also developing pretty well. She can speak quite well in sentences now. Some of the sentences that she uses everyday are “mummy, please help me clip” (asking me to clip her hair and yes, she’s another vain pot like Sherilyn!), “sorry kakak”, “I wan go kai kai”, “mummy, open me” (open for me), “I wan biscuit”, “I wan try” (when she wants to try new food), “no more”, “I wan more”, “I want nut nut” and the latest favorite sentence is “mummy, keep first”. She will say “mummy, keep first” whenever someone gives her an ang pow and she will pass the ang pow to me for safekeeping.

Baby is a very smart toddler and I pray that she will always be in good health, good spirits and will never ever get another UTI attack again.

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My 3 Gals On A Weekend Morning

The only time my 3 gals get to have breakfast together is during the weekends or holidays.

Here they are on a Saturday morning.  Baby was eating her rice bubbles and her 2 jie jies were drinking milk while watching TV. 

Have a great weekend everyone.  For those of you who are driving back to your home after the long CNY holidays, please drive safely.  Have a good rest these 2 days before getting serious and all worked up again starting from Monday next week!

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Get Blazing Speed Internet Connection With Hughes Net

The internet connection at my place can be pretty unstable at times. It really annoys me that many times when I need to rush to submit an online assignment, the internet connection gets disconnected or ‘hangs’. Sometimes I would lose some opps released by advertisers when my internet reception is low. I feel even more disgruntled that each month, I have to pay close to a hundred ringgit to the internet service provide for such unreliable internet service.

In the U.S., internet users are privileged to be able to enjoy Hughes Net from Hughesnet is a blazing fast, always-on high-speed internet connection that uses satellite technology and does not tie up your phone line. By using a satellite instead of depending on land-based solutions (like cable and DSL), HughesNet can offer a high speed internet connection to every household in the contiguous U.S. This means that HUGHES NET reaches your home, even if DSL and cable don’t. All you need is a clear view of the southern sky.

Hughesnet gets you connected to the internet instantly and lets you surf, download and enjoy your favorite website in a fraction of the time it would on a dial-up modem. For those of you who always fight with your spouse or sibling to use the internet, you will benefit from HughesNet as multiple computers can be connected to the internet simultaneously. However, some additional home networking may be required, which is not included as part of the HughesNet system.

Just log on to HUGHES NET  to order online or call 1-877-203-6879 to pick a plan that’s right for you today.

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Things That Only Rascal #2 Would Do

This incident happened about 3 weeks ago when we were at Times Square. After a day of fun at the Cosmo’s World indoor theme park, we had lunch at a Chinese restaurant at Times Square. While waiting for the food to arrive, I walked to the FOS outlet. Rascal #2 said she wanted to pee, so I brought her to the loo, after which I brought her along with me to FOS. While busy looking at the clothes, this rascal let go of my hand and then wandered off. When I turned back, she was no where to be found. I called her name several times but there was no answer from her. Suddenly I was panick-stricken and all sorts of images and imagination flashed my mind. I called her again and this time, a sales girl next to me pointed to her front. I saw my cheeky rascal hiding among the rack of clothes… her body was still hidden between the clothes and she jutted her head out and gave me the cheekiest grin. I tell yer, I could feel steam spewing out from my head and I was yelling at her, chiding her for being so naughty.

Tell me, how would you feel if your child successfully flat-lined your heart beat with her mischief? I ranted on and on and on and on. Up until today, I still bring out this incident whenever we go shopping. I would frighten her by telling her that if she hides herself from me again, some bad hats will kidnap her. Then the bad person will shave her head bald, change her clothes (so that no one could recognize her, thus can never find her) , chop off her hands and legs, remove all her teeth and make her beg for money on the streets LOL!!! I have to use this white lie to prevent her from repeating the naughty act. Sherilyn being Sherilyn, I know she’s capable of repeating her mischief.

But when my rascal is good, she would be really angelic. One morning last week, she took out her pre-school’s stack of flash chards and kept reading them, as if preparing herself for an exam hahaha! What motivates her is the cute stamp/chop that her teacher would chop on the card if she gets the card right.

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How To Increase Online Sales

Business at my online blogshop was pretty good before the Chinese New Year festival. Many of my customers purchased at least 2-3 items per transaction. Now that the Chinese New Year festival is almost over, sales have slowed down a wee bit. I haven’t done much advertising for my blogshop from the start as I didn’t really needed advertisement. Many of my customers were readers of my blogs. One of my suppliers has given me a quota to achieve every month. If I am able to meet the quota, I will be able to enjoy higher commission from her. So far, I have been able to exceed the quota each month but I can never rest on my laurels. Now that I have the time since it is still the school holidays, I better find some effective measures to advertise my blogshop. I cannot just rely on my blog readers to patronize my store. I have to reach out to the public far and near.

I had already submitted my blogshop to several online forums and I may need an online pr agency to help me if I want the sales of my store to shoot up exponentially. What is important now is link building as well as publicity / awareness of my online store. I was browsing the internet today and stumbled upon Status Media, a global online marketing agency and strategic outsourcing business company. Status Media can help companies of all types and of all sizes increase their profits. Whether it is to increase insurance leads or to increase the number of clients, Status Media is the right consultant to consider.

If this online fashion blogshop of mine bears fruits, I may expand to wholesaling of ladies fashion in future. Online shopping seems to be the trend among people of all ages now. I even have customers in their lates 50s shopping online for clothes for their daughters! People are no longer dubious of shopping online now. Instead, they are moving with time and technology to stay abreast with the latest trend.

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On A Sweltering Day

This was what my 2 older gals did on a hot day after they returned home from lunch outside:

The ‘tai kwai tau’ (ring leader!) dug out my cold pack from the freezer and put it on her body.  She then wet a hanky and put it on her head.  Then she helped herself to the ice cubes in the freezer and put them in her cup of water.  She then sat right under the fan switched on to full blast at 4th speed, sipped the cold water and kept complaining that it was so hot hahahahaha!!!!   Whatever the ring leader does, her mei mei will surely follow suit too.  After getting themselves drenched with ice and water, they were finally willing to take their shower.  I always have a hard time getting my gals (all 3 of them!) to take their bath and once they are in the bathroom, I have a hard time getting them out, haih!!!

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Alycia’s Calligraphy Display

Alycia came back from her second calligraphy class in school last week and proudly showed me her works:

Alycia was selected by her class teacher to be in the school’s calligraphy team recently. She has to attend classes once a week and if she is good enough after training, she will represent her school in calligraphy.

When she came home from school one afternoon, she showed me the letter from her school, asking the parents’ consent to allow her to be in the school’s team. The letter really caught me by surprise as never in my wildest dreams would I have dreamed that Alycia would be learning calligraphy and perhaps represent her school in future.

See how kan cheong (excited) Alycia was here. She had just stepped into the house after her return from school at 4pm and she was already removing all her calligraphy stuff from the bag. She had not even eaten a proper lunch yet. She even washed her calligraphy brush and the porcelain container by herself and created a big mess when she stained her white uniform with black ink. The ink was not washable and part of the white shirt is now ruined. She made me laugh when I saw her face smudged with black ink all over 😀

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Happy 5th Birthday Sherilyn!

5 years ago today was the 8th day of the Chinese New Year. I remember everything very vividly from the morning through night how everything transpired. It was an elective c-section and my little rascal was delivered at 38th week of gestation. The very first time we met, my eyes went watery.

Even her first cries were deafening and fierce and she is still loud and fierce up until today.  She was also very aggresive, so aggresive that she bit a small part of my tit out on the 2nd day I breastfed her!  Gosh, that was horribly painful and I had to dig that part of my tit out from her tiny mouth LOL!!! 

Though she’s a big-time rascal who boils my blood all the time, she nevertheless makes me laugh a lot at her antics and the things that she says.

This year there will be no party, dinner / lunch in a restaurant or whatsoever as most of our relatives and friends have gone back to Ipoh to celebrate CNY. Later hubs will bring us to KFC to celebrate her birthday. Since the bakeries are still closed and we were unable to get her a birthday cake, my mil is now baking her a chocolate truffle cake!

Though you always make mummy and daddy mad with you, we still love you very very much Sherilyn. Happy 5th birthday to you Sherilyn and we wish you good health, long life, happiness and all good things in life.

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A Near-Miss Heart Attack

I almost had a heart attack on Friday last week. Baby had climbed up the couch and was pushing the sliding mozzie net on the window. When one panel of the mozzie net went off the track, I tried to fix it. It really ain’t easy putting the sliding mozzie net panel back on track. In the midst of fidgeting with the mozzie net, the entire panel of mozzie net dislodged from the track and and and and…….. down, down, down, down, down it fell from the 5th floor of our condo unit to the ground. I tried to catch it but it was impossible and I could only scream and watch the net fall.  Thank God the net did not land on somebody’s car or head!!   The mozzie net was very light and it sort of flew down and landed on the stairs on the ground floor.

The 4 sides of the mozzie net are now mangled but there isn’t any tear or hole on the netting.  But I doubt it can be used again.

Luckily we had installed iron grills on our windows, else I think I would have fallen down together with the net in my haste to catch the flying mozzie net, phew!!

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