Tuna-Egg-Onion Maya Open Sandwich

Ever since Alycia started Standard 1, her appetite has been at an all-time low, especially during lunch. Most of the food that she previously liked and could whack a big bowl, she can’t even finish half a bowl now. I guess the lack of shut-eye, rushing and a change in the time which she normally had her lunch all caused the body system to go out-of-sync a little. I was really frustrated that she disliked everything that I cooked. So I told her that I will not cook spaghetti, pasta, Mac n Cheese or fried noodles for lunch anymore.   I asked her what she liked to eat and she said sandwiches! Oh well, that’s music to my ears coz I don’t have to sweat it out in front of the hot stove to prepare hot piping meals for her. So here’s what I prepared for lunch for my 2 older gals :

Tuna-hard boiled egg-onion mayo (I use Japanese mayo, which tastes better than regular mayo) …

… with star-shaped cheese on top of the lightly toasted multi-grain slice of bread for a better appeal for kids.  Alycia and Sherilyn loved it and whacked everything, including the crumbs 😀  So  sup sup sui (easy peasy) for me and I don’t have to cook hahah!!!

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5 thoughts on “Tuna-Egg-Onion Maya Open Sandwich

  1. Hope that Aly will adapt to the change soon… Really sum toong everytime I read posts on her new schedule…

    Simple yet healthy sandwiches for the girls… And very thoughtful of Mommy to cut the cheese out with a star cookie-cutter 🙂

  2. Wah… your girls eat those raw onions with no problem? If i put those in my kiddos will pick them out one by one, or not eat the meal at all! 🙁 (I used to hate onions and garlic too when I was younger)

  3. wah, your girls whacked the onion as well?? how do you train them to take onion?

    Crystal is down to fever, flu & cough and was given a three days sick leave by her doctor from today onwards. It is a real tough primary 1 for our girls. don’t you think so?

    Hope Alycia will get used to her busy schedule soon.

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