Don’t Eat With Your Hands

Today my mil cooked fried vermicelli for lunch. Whenever there is fried vermicelli, meal times are such a breeze for me and for my gals. Even Baby loves eating fried vermicelli. Rascal #2 whacked 1 big bowl and replenished her bowl with noodles 2 times. Towards the end of eating the 3rd bowl, she was already quite stuffed and that’s when she started to play with the noodles. She ditched her chopsticks and then started to use her hands to play with the noodles eat. Baby who was seated next to her rascal jie jie then said this repeatedly “cheh cheh, no no hands, oiyee… oiyee“. She was trying to tell her cheh cheh not to use her hands to eat the fried vermicelli as the noodles were oily, haha! My Baby is really learning fast and she has indeed learned well…. from mummy!   Very soon, she can be my personal assistant and remind her 2 jie jies to behave well at all times 😀

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