Can’t Wait For The Terrible Two Phase To Phase Out

Baby’s Terrible Two symptoms are getting stronger and stronger each day. It’s now a chore and struggle to get her to pee in her potty, let alone poo poo. She did very well in this department when she was first potty trained¬†at about 15 months old. Now, she has regressed, boo hoo hoo…. ūüôĀ

Yesterday morning, her diaper was overloaded with pee. When I tried to bring her to the bathroom to wash up, she as usual bawled, arched her back, screamed, kicked and almost banged her head on the wall when she struggled. Now, I need my maid to help me coax / carry¬†Baby to go to the bathroom. I suspect that Baby does not liked her down under being sprayed with water each time she pees. But I have no choice but to bite the bullet and break my back, due to her medical¬†history. Anyway, coming back to yesterday morning’s incident. After I had cleaned her up and changed her diaper, my maid led her back to the living room to watch TV, while I took my shower. As Baby was walking to the living room, she grumbled and mumbled this to my maid “kakak, mummy notti”! (naughty)

Second incident yesterday morning. After her shower, when I took out the singlet that she normally wears at home to put it on her, Baby bawled again. She screamed and kept saying “dowan tis, dowan tis, I wan kai kai, please kai kai, mummy please kai kai” … and then ran to the drawer and fished out her favorite dress meant for outing. She is now at the stage of resisting whatever clothes that I have chosen for her. Instead, she wants to choose clothes herself – all kai kai clothes!

Third incident yesterday morning. As I was removing Baby’s diaper before her shower, she pushed my hands away and said this “tik out self” (take out myself) and then insisted to remove the diaper herself!

Fourth incident, which happened 2 days ago. When rascal #2 poured all the foam alphabet from the box onto the floor to play, Baby scolded her jie jie and said this “so messy jie jie“!

My Baby is really growing up way too fast. Though she is at her cutest now, I nevertheless can’t wait for her to grow up so that I can regain my independance!¬†¬†

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