The Latest Sure-Works Motivation For The Girls

… to get up from bed in the morning is their new bicycles. For the past 3 months, it’s been a struggle for Alycia to stay awake when I jolt her up from her sleep at 6am to get ready for school. It’s even 10x worse for Sherilyn. From pulling her up from bed to getting her to drink her milk, brush her teeth and wash up every single morning is a big chore and a big bag of stress. Then an idea struck me. The girls have been bugging me to bring them down to the lobby of our condo to ride on their new bicycles everyday. I told them that if they can just get up from bed quickly, gulp down their milk quickly and get ready for school without me nagging them, I will bring them down to cycle in the evening. That’s my reward. It is working. For the past 2 days, Alycia sprang up from bed the second I called her. Everything was done in a jiffy and she was all ready for school in under half an hour. Sherilyn was quick too today and did not dilly dally much. I hope this motivation would not wear off after a week or two, else I would have to think of another motivation to get them to move their butt without all the dilly-dallying.

Alycia sleeping on the job whilst doing her homework. Without a power nap in the afternoon, she totally cannot function.

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