My Friday

It has been a very hectic week for me. This afternoon, I was at the paed’s clinic at PMC with Baby. Her pee smelled a tad foul today and there was a tiny red patch on her down under. You can read more about this in my health blog. I will update it later tonight or tomorrow. I have been forcing Baby to drink lots of barley water, coconut water and Refresh (E.Excel) the whole day today. She’s been drinking water like a camel today and her pee is becoming clearer too with all the water pumped into her body. Hopefully she’ll be A-ok, otherwise we will have to make a trip to Penang during the school hols to pay a visit to Baby’s surgeon. 

My 2 batches of stock arrived yesterday. Tomorrow there will be another batch of clothes arriving. Here’re just a few of the items. You can hop over to Old And New Stuff For Sale to have a look at the new products.

This purple sleeveless dress is really pretty – can be worn to the office with a jacket over or to a dinner.

This black and white dress is perfect for the office.

This pretty off-shouldered layered dress can also be worn to the office with a jacket over or to a party.

This V-neck Bohemian dress can be worn with an inner tube and is ideal for weekend wear or even to the office, with a jacket over.

If you have any old or new stuff that you want to sell, you can sell them at Malaysia’s eBay – my blogshop 😀  Just snap some pix of your stuff, write a description of the stuff and email me.  I am still waiving the listing fee for your advertisement for the time being. 

Have a great weekend peeps and happy school holidays to all you parents. 

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