Going Through The Throes Of Motherhood

Today is only the first day of the school holidays and I am already so steresssssed up! Minding my 2 older gals is a chore – whenever the gals don’t have to go to school, they have no urgency to do anything. I have to keep reminding them to drink milk, wash up, brush teeth, shower, eat, do homework, blah blah blah and it pisses me off big time having to nag and nag like a grumpy frumpy old woman. As Baby’s pee looked cloudy yesterday, I have been spending a lot of time forcing water down her throat, bringing her to the potty to pee, checking and smelling her pee (another chore!) and washing her down under squeaky clean, all done in the hope that whatever bacteria that’s lurking inside her urinary tract will be flushed out.

This is a typical scene on a weekday morning – Rascal #2 dilly dallying away, refusing to drink her milk, refusing to wash up, throwing tantrums and throwing herself on the floor and crying (she cries at least twice a day, every single day).   Life is never a dull moment when you have 3 rascals at home.

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