Bread And Noodles Everyday

Sherilyn will be one very happy girl if she does not have to eat rice with dishes for dinner.

Here, she’s having mah mah’s homemade wholemeal bread with butter and meat floss for dinner. Whenever my mil is around, Sherilyn does not get to eat bread for dinner very often. The kids have to eat rice and whatever that she cooks.  As Sherilyn had to attend ballet class at 7pm and my mil had not yet finished cooking, she got to eat bread for dinner and I tell yer, she was one very happy and contented girl 😀

Sherilyn loves eating open sandwich with butter and meat floss these days. The meat floss that is crunchy comes with sesame seeds and seaweed. My mil bought it from Hong Kong.

If my mil would allow, Sherilyn would not mind eating bread and noodles every single day!

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Anxiety Attacks

Ever since Baby had her very first UTI attack when she a mere 7-week old infant, my life has turned to an almost 360 degrees. When the first MCUG scan showed that she had a grade III kidney reflux when Baby was about 2 months old, I felt like a gunny sack filled with a ton of bricks landed on my shoulders and got stuck there. My life has since been very Baby C-centered and my goal was to save her right kidney at any cost. Day in day out, I worry about when she will get another UTI attack. For those of you who have been following my blogs, you would have read that Baby had UTI attacks almost every single month of her life since she was 7 weeks old up until her surgeries in May 2009. My 3-week stay in the hospital with her in May 2009 was a living hell. Up until today, not a single passes by without me thinking of our days in the hospital.

Till this day, I still feel very emotional whenever I look back at the photos of Baby in the hospital with tubes all over her body after her surgeries. The past 14 months of Baby’s life had been too much for her and for me to bear. Sometimes, I felt like I was very depressed when anxiety hit me. Every single ultrasound scan, x-ray and radiation scan that Baby had to go through, I felt anxious for days before those tests. Waiting for the results was overwhelming. I hope I will never even have to go through those days again. If I have to go through them again, I think I will need to get Xanax footballs or Alprazolam 2mg bars to control my anxiety attacks. I can now buy Xanax online to get relief for my anxiety. I have been praying to God everyday that Baby never ever have to go through another surgery for the rest of her life.

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