There Indeed Are Kind Souls Everywhere

I am deeply touched, so touched that I am choking with emotions now. A few days ago, one of my blog readers sent me an SMS. She told me that she had read about Baby’s latest UTI attack. She was so concerned for Baby that she sent me a pack of supplements costing close to RM200 for free, in the hope that the supplement can strenghthen Baby’s immune system, thus she will have no more UTI attacks.

Two days ago when I placed my order for Baby’s anti-UTI supplements from an online store in London, the owner who read about Baby’s latest UTI attack told me that whatever I order from her, she will double up the order for me for FREE! This owner had previously sent me 3 tubs of anti-UTI supplements (D-Mannose) for free when she read about what Baby had gone through. I had ordered 2 tubs of D-Mannose from her and she will be shipping 4 tubs to me, 2 of which will be given free!

There indeed are kind souls in this world, people who give with no intention of getting something back in return. They give with the sincere hope of helping. When Baby was lying in the hospital after her 2 surgeries in May last year, many people from near and far had chipped in to help my hubs and I settle the bill which cost over RM50k. A few blogger friends contributed between RM500 to a four-figure amount. Some sent gifts to Baby. I am deeply moved. May God bless their kind souls and their loved ones.

To those of you who have helped me and are reading this now, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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