My Wednesday

Today has been a very busy day for me. Here’s what I was up to:

1) Spent several hours in the bank in the morning. First to cash out my Google Adsense earnings from Western Union, then bank in the kids’ ang pow money, put some stuff into the Safe Deposit Box and to make payments.

2) Then went to the Indian restaurant next to the bank for brunch. The gals enjoyed their roti canai and Baby loved Roti Tisu. It was her first time eating the crispy and sweet Roti Tisu.

3) I got home late and missed the Pos Laju delivery guy, big bummer. I was expecting my batch of clothes from my supplier. Tomorrow the hubs has to collect the parcel from the post office.

4) Rushed off 9 online assignments from my favorite advertiser like a mad woman. I tell yer, I had to put on my thinking cap, prayed for ideas to write and hurriedly rushed off the 9 assignments in under an hour when Baby napped in the afternoon.

5) Kept feeding Baby with fluids and bringing her to pee in the potty. I thank God that Baby’s pee looked clear today – no more foul smell and no more cloudy. Am still praying that the foul smell / cloudiness will not come back. It can come back anytime and I have to be extra diligent / persistant in feeding her fluids and bringing her to pee. Yesterday the smell and color of the pee were pretty bad. I shall blog about what I did and what I fed Baby in my health blog.

6) Busy with my blogshop – orders and other matters.

7) Cleared off some of my mountain-high pile of documents meant for filing (personal, kids, house and business). I better do, else the hubs will keep nagging at me and complain that I don’t file my documents. He can be such a good nagger!

Big sigh…. my head is spinning now. Alycia and Sherilyn and mil are having their dinner now and I am sitting here typing this post. I better fix Baby her dinner, feed her, eat my dinner, get the kids to shower, spoon feed Baby her formula milk, put her to sleep and then hoi koong (start work) again. Sigh… what a life!

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