Baby Choked On A Piece Of Ice Cube

Baby’s latest fancy is to suck on ice cubes.  Everyday, she will pester me for “ice cold“. Ice cubes have now become my #1 bribe whenever she fusses and refuses to pee in the potty or drink water. But after today’s incident, I think I will not give her anymore ice cubes to eat on her own. Just a moment ago, while sucking on ice cubes with her 2 jie jies at the dining table, Baby choked on a piece of ice cube. About 5 minutes into sucking the piece of ice cube, she cried and gasped for air. I dashed to her aid and pat her back with my hand. Thank God, the piece of melting ice cube shot out from her throat immediately and landed on the table. Thank God the piece of ice wasn’t lodged in her throat. That was a real scary incident. I almost lost her! Had I not been around her, she could have choked to death on the piece of ice cube!  Accidents and tragedies happen in a split second.

This post also serves as a warning to all you parents out there. If you want to let your toddler suck on a piece of ice, make sure she eats it under your watchful eyes.

My sweetie-pie has now transformed into a naughty-pie. She’s at the height of her Terrible Twos phase now. I pray that it will not intensify coz I am already at my wits’ end with her all-day horrible temper tantrums now.

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