Better Watch What I Do!

Every night before I turn off the lights and hit the sack, I would apply cream on my beat up feet with cracked heels. Then, I will put on a pair of socks so that the cream remains on my feet and not on the bedsheet. The other night, when I was busy working on the computer, Baby went into my room, took my Cosway cracked heel cream and applied on her feet.

She sat on the floor, squeezed the cream out from the tube and applied it on her feet, in exactly the same manner I apply the cream on my feet every night. She even rubbed her 2 feet together after applying the cream, just like how I do it, LOL!!! Oopps, my secret is let out of the bag!

Then she put on the socks on her feet but the socks looked more like boots on her tiny legs… and she looked absolutely hilarious yet cute.  My mil and I had a real good hearty laugh at this tiny mini me 😀

On another note, tomorrow we will be bringing Baby to see an Ophthalmologist. She may need a minor op to remove the abscess from the boil/sty under her right eyelid. I shall write about this in my blog.

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