Cassandra’s Eye Chalazion Surgery

Baby’s eye chalazion surgery went smoothly yesterday, though the surgery was delayed and we had to wait for 2 hours. When I had to carry Baby while she struggled as the anesthetist put the gas mask on her, I felt like I was reliving my nightmarish days at Gleneagles Hospital Penang during her 2 surgeries last May. That was the 3rd time in 1 year I had to put Baby on the OT table. For those of you who had gone through putting your small child on the OT table, you will know how sick and overwhelming the feeling is.

When Baby came out from the OT with the female anesthetist carrying her, she was still sleeping. When I carried her, she started to fuss. She was crying not because she was in pain but she badly wanted her fix – my boobies! She latched on to her comfort tools for a good half an hour while I snapped her pix with one hand haha!

This was how Baby looked about 2 hours post surgery.

Baby’s first post-op meal – daddy’s sesame seed bun from the Big Mac.

3 hours post surgery and Baby was her happy, bubbly, chatty, jumpy self again. She got to eat ice-cream as daddy and I had promised her that she would get to eat Baskin Robbin ice-cream after the surgery.

Her lunch yesterday (after fasting for half a day with her last meal at 10pm) consisted of mummy’s milkie, Unisoy organic soy bean milk, 1/4 sesame seed bun from daddy’s Big Mac, lots of Cheerios and 1/2 scoop of strawberry cheese flavor ice-cream from Baskin Robins. Despite having gone through a short traumatic time when the gas mask was put on her, she nevertheless enjoyed herself at Mid Valley after the surgery.

You can hop over to my other blog to view more pix of Baby.

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