My Daily Battle

Ever since Baby was diagnosed with Grade III Kidney Reflux when she was about 2 months old, my life revolves around her PEE! I have been sniffing her soiled diaper every single day for the past 22 months. Now, I have to coax her to pee in the potty. When I first started to potty train Baby, she would obediently sit on the potty to pee and poo. Now, she is regressing. Each time she shows signs of wanting to poo poo, I will bring her to the potty. But she will protest and resist pooping into the potty. I wonder why. She was alright with pooping into her potty for many months under 2-3 months back. Now she is also strongly protesting peeing in the potty. She would struggle and scream murder and cry till she almost pukes 8 out of 10 times she is brought to the potty to pee.

When I have no means and energy left to handle this child, I will tai chi the chore to my helper. This is a typical scene almost everyday.   Baby is breaking everyone’s back!

Having said all these, Baby is bringing joy and laughter to everyone. She is really a charming little girl who will melt even the coldest of hearts. She speaks pretty well now and can reply me with logical, intelligent answers.  Baby will turn 2 years old in 9 days’ time. 

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