Bruises And Cuts Everywhere

My sweetie-pie is transforming into a naughty-pie fast and furiously. Nothing can stop her from climbing up table tops, sofa tops, beds, playpen and chairs. She has been falling down and hurting herself very, very frequently now. The other day, the moment I turned my back to get something I heard BANG followed by a loud BAWL. Baby had fallen off the chair at my computer desk and landed on her face OUCH!!! There was a bruise just below her right eye.

I tried to apply an ice cube wrapped with a hanky on the bruise but she snatched it away and sucked the ice!

And then asked for 1 more, then 1 more and ended up eating a handful of ice cubes!

The next day, she climbed up the chair at the dining table and wanted to grab Alycia jie jie’s food but fell and hit her chin with a loud THUD on the marble table. I tell yer, my heart stopped beating for a moment and I thought she dislocated her jaw coz she kept crying and crying to no end. Her chin is now bruised. I can tell that it was really, really painful!!!

The next day (today), I warned her not to climb on chairs and table again. I demonstrated to her that she will hit her chin on the table and it’s going to be “very pain, pain, if you fall and hit your chin on the table”.  Minutes later, when I walked away, she tried to show my mil that if her chin hit the table, it’s going to be very pain pain and true, she could not control the pace, hit her chin on the table and cut her lip with her teeth till it bled!  Aiyoh, I tell yer, I have a phobia of leaving this rascal alone now, lest she injures herself again. 

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13 thoughts on “Bruises And Cuts Everywhere

  1. ahh…so scary to read every line of this post if she got injured again, is it serious and whats next…she just like a spiderman…

    what if we can bubble wrap or span wrap this kiddo…so that she got less injure…

  2. Dropping by to say “hi”!

    Haha, your Canssandra looks like just wrestled with her sisters! Kids learn very fast from their mistakes, believe me… she’s going to get lesser blue black after these!

  3. poor thing….baby C has great determintation indeed…even after so many bad experiences she insisted on her “naughty” deeds….but that’s kids right

  4. oh no!!! poor baby c!!! shan rae is as naughty *shake head*

    i noticed baby c dun have many teeth yet. shan rae has a lot of teeth

  5. forecast: if sher is a handful, this cassie could be an armload, since she gets away with murder being the youngest! haha..

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