This Is What Happens If She Eats Rice Or Porridge

Whenever there is pasta, spaghetti or noodles, I will have no problem getting Baby to eat her meals on her own. She can kuai kuai sit on her booster seat at the dining table and chomp down the bowl of noodles or pasta in a jiffy by herself. But my mil says Baby is Chinese and she has to learn to eat rice coz Chinese eat rice. For the past 2 days, I have had no luck getting her to eat rice with dishes. She would only eat a couple of spoonfuls, then she would turn her head away when I bring the spoonful of rice to her mouth. The rice ended up in the bin and she ended up eating bread with cheese spread.

A few days ago, I cooked chicken porridge and threw in some diced carrots and french beans. This is what happened:

This little rascal had absolutely no interest in the porridge which I find very tasty and played with it with both her hands.

She squashed and squashed the porridge and then clapped her porridge filled hands!!!  It was a total mess everywhere and she needed a shower immediately after dinner. The remaining crockpot of porridge went into my maid’s tummy.

Yesterday I made her mushroom pasta with diced carrots and voila, she whacked the bowl of pasta by herself, no problem, fuss-free and stress-free!

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8 thoughts on “This Is What Happens If She Eats Rice Or Porridge

  1. You may want to cook her some “tasty rice”. I usually dump chinese sausages, onion, cabbage, carrots (finely chopped) and minced pork and cook together with rice in the rice cooker. Ian likes it to bits and whacked 2 big plates last night.

  2. Maybe it’s the texture of the porridge and rice that she doesn’t like. Noodles and pastas are often more springy and has interesting shapes.

    maybe shape the rice into interesting shapes with filling inside? more work, yeah, but worth a try… can be frozen also 🙂

  3. try sushi with some teriyaki chix and cucumber, it’s rice too, what. Or your MIL’s definition of chinese means loose rice grains in a bowl? This can get a bit difficult lah.

    I like my kids to eat variety in food -western and asian. Reality is, it is impossible to not allow kids to develop their food preferences as individuals. What matters is that the kid must first of all, want to eat it. So if his/her preference of carbs is in the form of pasta, noodles or rice, so be it!

  4. to me, pasta/noodles is the same as eating rice coz they are all carbo too. But my MIL also wants Joshie to eat rice/porridge =P Old people…..-grin- And Joshie also squashes his food when he dislikes them or is full already…….

  5. I hope your MIL insists on doing the clean-up too! I fail to see the logic that diet can make u change your ethnicity! So, if I eat pasta all the time(and drink red wine, LOL) I will be Italian? Or…if I stop eating rice, I will become *gasp* white? Oh, what abt white folks who eat rice??!! Btw, lots of folks here are gluten-intolerant and go for rice and rice noodles etc.; heheh..they gonna get slit-eyes!!
    Jokes aside..unless u need more pain & suffering, feed the kids whatever they can eat and of course something healthy!

  6. My girl used to play with her food whenever she dislike the taste or perhaps the portion too large for her!

    So instead of getting crossed with her splattering the food, I learn to accept that “cleaning up after her meals is fun”! ^-^

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