Down, Down, Down

Sherilyn is down with cough and has pretty bad phlegm. She skipped school yesterday as her school has issued a notice to all parents to keep their kids at home should they have fever, cough or runny nose. This notice was issued in the light of the recent H1N1 scare. Today, I feel like my throat is being attacked by the bug too. I am starting to have yellowish phlegm. I better pop some Echinacea tabs and some E.Excel ACT tabs so that I won’t be down too. I am only getting 4-5 hours of sleep lately and I may be an easy target for those pesky bugs!

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What Has She Been Up To In School?

When Organic Samm wrote in Facebook that her 7-year old son comes back from school with charcoal black hands, knees and clothes everyday, I wonder what her son has been doing in school. Now I am wondering what my so-called well bahaved Alycia is doing in school too coz she also comes home with charcoal black hands, knees and shoes everyday! Is the classroom that dirty ah?  Maybe she sits on the dirty floor??

Her shoes are always as dirty and black as that of a construction worker’s, even after 1 day!  It’s worse if she has Calligraphy class as her face and clothes will be smudged with black ink all over. Looks terrible but pretty hilarious too 😀

Does your Standard 1 child come back from school dirty and black all over too?

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Gold Is Good

A goldsmith once told me that gold doesn’t tarnish and even the strongest acids have no effect on it. Thus, gold lasts forever and stays shiny all the time. In Chinese culture, wearing gold jewellery is believed to bring lots of good luck. I have a male friend who has a jade ring put through a gold chain and he always pockets this lucky charm with him. He was advised by a feng shui master to wear gold and jade all the time to bring him lots of luck. He does not like to don on gold or jade, so he puts it in his pocket all the time! Apart from being a body feng shui, gold is also a store of value virtually independent of economic conditions. Many people buy gold bullion, gold bars and other gold jewellery as a form of insurance as gold will always retain its value and as a ‘policy’ against economic uncertainty.

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Bib Freak Mommy

Here’s Baby with her new bib:

I have a large box filled up with Baby’s plastic bibs and this bib freak mommy is still adding more into her collection 😀

In this pic, Baby was eating organic spirulina noodles with homemade fish paste and sweet corns for lunch.

Baby is having a ‘speech diarhhea’ now, purging out new words and surprising me with the things she says everyday.  Yesterday she saw Alycia jie jie eating ice-cream.  I had already told Alycia to ‘hide’ in the kitchen when she ate the ice-cream but this sharp-eyed cili padi saw her jie jie eating Magnum!  I refused to let her eat but this ice-cream crazed lil girl pleaded with me in the most pathetic tone and said this “peeeash mummy, one bite only, one bite only…”  I gave in :S  Who could have resisted and said no to such a cutie pie eh?

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Health Freak Mommy is 3 Years Old!

Exactly 3 years ago, I first started out blogging as a bored to tears SAHM. For someone who is really IT-challenged, it really wasn’t easy for me to create a blog. I started everything from scratch, registered myself in a dozen of forums, read every article there was on Blogger, on SEO and codes (reading codes for the first time was like reading Greek) and many, many sleepless nights later, I was a happy and content blogger. A few months later, I was a very proud blogger who blogs for money too. I felt a sense of achievement that I could earn a little moolah albeit being a ‘wong meen por’ (aka as yellow skin lady /  housewife in Cantonese ). Times were good then and I used to earn a few thousand bucks from writing ads.  I couldn’t be happier but that didn’t last for long when we were all hit cruelly by the global recession.

When I first started out blogging, I was obsessed with the number of hits / visitors to my blog. I was so fanatical about the stats that I would check on them every single day. Those were the days when I was a greenhorn in the blogosphere.  I have not been checking the stats for this blog for almost a year. Last night I decided to check my blog stats and I was bowled over when I saw the numbers there. I could not believe my eyes when I read that I have been getting an average of 24,000 visits a month to my dot com blog for the past 2 months and an average unique visitors of 11,000 per month!  Here’s the summary of the stats for the month of March 2010:

Unique visitors Number of visits Pages Hits
Viewed traffic * 11580 24392
(2.1 visits/visitor)
(2.19 Pages/Visit)
(12.01 Hits/Visit)
Not viewed traffic *

I can only thank you and you and you for being a loyal reader of my blog. You may ask why I am so fanatical about the stats. Well, it plays a contributing factor to the Google PR of my blog. After 3 years, this blog is now a PR2. Had it not been the ads in this blog, I am confident that the Google PR would even be higher.

Ok, PR aside (this ain’t that important to me anymore), I would like to say from the bottom of my heart to all my readers for dropping by my blog to read the nonsense that I write. Thank you so much!

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What Motherhood Means To Me

In conjuction with Mother’s Day, this fantastic mama is having a contest for bloggers on ‘What Motherhood Means To You’. When it comes to contest like this where I can wish cash vouchers, I will surely partake. Well, that’s one of the role of a mother – to take advantage of contests in the hope of winning things for her kids, so that she can save a little moolah. A little here and there makes a tidy sum. My grandma and mama taught me this 🙂

To me, I think motherhood means LOTS and LOTS of sacrifices. And LOTS and LOTS of proud moments, LOTS and LOTS of laughter, tears, fears, sleepness nights, never ending worries for your little ones and LOTS and LOTS of unconditional LOVE.

Ever since I became a mother, I never once had the luxury to wake up after the sun rises, never have continuous beauty sleep anymore, never ever watched a movie from the start to the end anymore, can never ever watch my favorite TV programs anymore for the TV will be hogged by my 3 terrors, can never ever splurge on nice nice and expensive clothes, bags and shoes for myself anymore (can only buy cheap cheap ones), can never ever have the chicken drum stick or the fish’s cheeks or tender sides of the fish to myself anymore and the list is just endless.

Ever since Baby came along, I knew what a mother’s unconditional love is. For those of you who read my blogs regularly, you will know that Baby had a past history of Grade III kidney reflux, persistant UTI attacks and had gone thru 2 major surgeries last year. The bill for the surgeries plus the monthly medical bills accummulated to over RM60k, all of which are not claimable from our insurer. Each time she had a UTI attack and needed hospitalization, there goes our RM2k+. For a super stingy person like me, I was once willing to part with a chunk of my savings to save my baby. Despite all the hardship and overwhelming worries Baby had caused me, I still love her to the pit of my heart. I once told God that I am willing to do anything if only he could save my Baby’s right kidney. He has answered my prayers. All the sacrifices I am doing for Baby including sniffing her soiled diapers since she was 7 weeks old up until today are worth it if this means I can save her right kidney. My bumpy journey with her to counter the UTI attacks is still on-going but I am still very determined to save my baby’s right kidney at whatever cost. This is motherhood and motherhood is never meant to be easy. God has made it tough so that our kids will appreciate us more when they grow up.

And here’s another throe of going through motherhood…. having heart-stopping moments like these when your samseng performs stunts  :S

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Baby Fell And Grazed Her Knees

I was corroded with guilt last week when Baby tripped and fell at the pool area. She landed flat on her front on the pebbled flooring and both her knees were badly grazed and bled. How could I have not let her wear a pair of long pants when I brought her down for a stroll? Careless me!! I ought to be given a big knock on my head! Now there is a patch of scab on both her knees. But this tough little cookie did not cry. She only writhed in pain whenever I showered her or wet her knees. She did not allow me to put a bandage on her knees though and I think she still has a phobia of bandages. Baby still squirms at the sight of medical equipment and bandages. I think she needs years to get over the trauma that she had gone through last year. If you need to gethome medical supplies at the convenience of your finger tips, head over to

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Novelty Attracts

I cannot tell you how important it is for Baby to be drinking LOTS of fluids. Baby has a past history of Grade III kidney reflux, persistant UTI attacks, 2 surgeries and 2 post surgery UTI attacks. After all that she had gone through, I now have a better control of managing those pesky bacteria. With Baby, I have to force her to chug down gallons of water the whole day, which is very imperative in flushing out those pesky bacteria. But it’s a battle for me as this fler does not like to drink water. The only fluids she’d drink without any coercian are mummy’s milkie and soups.

So how do I get her to drink water everyday? I just have to be extra diligent in filling up her sippy cup with plain water, barley water and coconut water and putting the spout to her mouth throughout the day. Tell her “Baby drink water”, her ears will auto-shut to this instruction. My latest sure-works tactic is by saying “caaaaaane coming….” and she’ll make a dash to her cup haha!  I’ll see how long this works on her.

I also find that novelty attracks her. Give her cute cups, new cups and new tumblers, she will happily gulp down whatever you ask her to drink. Just like here where she poured water from her sippy cup spout into a tiny Yomeishu measurement cup and finished off all the water!

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Kids Sit The Weirdest Ways

From my personal observation, I think the way one sits reveals a lot about the person.  Even the manner in which you walk, talk, eat and write tell tales, agree?

Rascal #2 is having a guava in her hand. She’s eating, watching TV and trying to lie down in a comfy position too. She sure knows how to ‘tarn’ (enjoy!)… while Baby is so worried that her #2 jie jie will snatch her car away hahahahah!

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The Current Economy, Shopping And Buying Store Brands

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of PBM Products. All opinions are 100% mine.

Last night as I was writing down my shopping list for this week’s groceries shopping, I realized that I spend a hefty amount on my kids’ formula milk and diapers every month. My 2 older kids used to drink premium formula milk during their younger days. Now they drink regular formula as to not be so taxing on our pockets. Baby is still drinking premium formula as she used to be a fussy eater and she is still underweight. Her appetite has improved now and she’s also eating more now that she has more teeth. I will soon switch her to regular formula too.

Just the other day, I bought a box of store-brand fresh milk to try and to my surprise, it tasted just the same as other private brands. Ever since the global economy went down hill, I have been buying many store-brand products. I think store-brand products are comparable to private label brands and they cost only a fraction of the price of private label brands. Consumer Reports have been urging parents to save money on baby formula by purchasing store brands such as Parent’s Choice at retailers. Did you know that all infant formula sold in the U.S. must meet the same basic nutrient requirements specified by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration?

According to the PLMA Consumer Research Report on Recession, Recovery & Store Brands, many consumers have switched to store-brands during the recession. The findings are interesting. 62% of consumers plan to buy more Store Brand products as they deal with the tough economy. 8 of 10 supermarket shoppers see no improvement in the economy and 40% say things have actually gotten worse in recent months. Shoppers who identify themselves as frequent buyers of store brands stand at 57%. Almost all of the shoppers who switched to a Store Brand are happy with their new choice and I must say that I am also one very satisfied consumer of Store Brand products!

Do you use Store Brand products too?

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Desa Fishing Sport

2 Sundays ago, hubs brought Alycia and Sherilyn fishing at Desa Fishing Sport @ Taman Danau Desa. I didn’t follow as Baby was taking her nap. Even if she wasn’t naping, I would not have followed as the weather was sweltering and that place is not a place for toddlers to go to. Albeit terribly hot and they came back with lobster red skin and soaked with sweat to the skin, Alycia and Sherilyn enjoyed themselves to the max. It was their first time fishing real fish and prawns (not toy fish and sea creatures). With around RM38 per pax (I think), they managed to fish out 4 huge prawns….

After fishing, hubs brought the girls swimming. Ah, what a fun-filled day for the girls who kept announcing “what a fun day we’ve had!”

And the poor fresh prawns landed in the pot for our dinner….. steamed fresh prawns with ginger.

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Bread + Cheese + Kaya Everyday Anyone?

Tell me, do you think a kid will go malnourished if she just eats bread with cheese and coconut jam (kaya) + 1 glass of milk everyday and nothing else? Probably not eh? Bread is carbo + protein, cheese is calcium + protein and kaya is high in protein + carbo. Hmmmm, maybe I’ll just serve this little girl with bread + cheese + kaya everyday till she screams fed up. I tell yer, this girl just lurves this stuff and if my mil doesn’t complain, I will just feed her with this everyday haha! It’s fuss free, stress free, she’s happy and I’m happy 😀

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Crazy Dog

There is this crazy Pekinese dog at my neighborhood that always chases me or just about anyone who passes his master’s house every morning. This Pekinese dog may look cute and fluffy like a ball but it is crazy and driving me crazy too! Its master is also crazy to have let it loose though they know that their ‘Baby’ always barks and chases passers-by. Yes, its name is Baby and it’s anything near a cute, adorable baby! Each time I jog pass the road where Baby is, I will pull out my pepper spray and show my weapon at Baby lol! If it ever bites me, I will surely get a lawyer as good as the Austin dog bite lawyer to sue its master!

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Hot Pot Bone Essence Steamboat

Hot Pot Bone Essence Steamboat at Jalan Kuchai Maju is our latest favorite steamboat restaurant. The first time hubby tried this steamboat was with his friends, for supper. He liked it so much that the next day, he brought us there again for dinner. 2 weeks later, we went there again to celebrate Baby’s 2nd birthday.

Do note that there is Happy Hour after 9pm, which means that the price is RM6 cheaper per pax. The price per pax is RM19.80 during regular hours and RM13.80 after 9pm. The steamboat items come in a set and is not eat-as-much-as-you-can or buffet style.

What I like about Hot Pot Bone Essence is that the pot of soup is boiled using huge pork bones, thus it is very tasty. MSG level is also very low and I don’t need to keep gulping down water after the steamboat meal. This restaurant also makes all types of ‘balls’ with good ingredients. You won’t get starchy fish balls or meat balls but unique looking and tasty ‘balls’. I love their shrimp balls, lobster balls, crab roe balls, sea urchin balls and their thinly sliced pork, beef and lamb.

Our set for 5 adults and 2 kids.

The ala carte menu…

The huge pork bones and sweet corns used to boil the soup…

Some of the items that we ordered from the ala carte menu…

This deep fried tofu is crispy on the outside and silky smooth on the inside. Very yummy!

Hot Pot Bone Essence
No.41, Jln Kuchai Maju 7,
Off Jln Kuchai Lama,
58200 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-7981 1006

Business Hour: Mon-Fri 5pm-1am
Sat, Sun & Public Holiday 12pm-1am

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The Food Is Always Tastier If It’s Not Yours

I really do think so, don’t you? Whenever I dine at the restaurant, some how, my hubby’s food or my kids’ food taste better than mine! And Baby thinks so too. Give her a slice of cake, she wouldn’t eat it, give her some fruits, she’ll spit out. But if I ignore her and give the food to her jie jies, she will find every opportunity to peck on the food just when her jie jies leave the dining table.

Caught on camera….red-handed hahahahaha!!!

I had given Sherilyn a slice of cheese cake but this Ms Dilly Dally stepped away from the dining table. Baby who must have been observing her jie jie pounced on the cheese cake just like a stray cat the moment Sherilyn was no where in sight LOL!! I find this TOO funny. My Baby looked so much like one of those stray cats at the alley behind my old house who used to take every opportunity to pounce on our fish or chicken that we left at the wet kitchen LOL!!

Gobbling down the cheese cake before her jie jie catches her red handed and scream her lungs out LOL!!

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