Naughty Jie Jie Cut My Face With A Scissors!

Rascal #2 cut Baby’s face with a pair of scissors early this week. I was in the toilet and suddenly, I heard Baby screaming and crying. I rushed out and rascal #2 said this “I tried to take away the scissors from Baby and I accidentally cut her face“. I don’t know if she was telling the truth or she was being curious and tried to cut her sister’s face to see what happens.

This is the pair of scissors that Sherilyn used to cut Baby’s face.

Several hours later, I saw a gob of hair on the bathroom mat. I knew instantly that Sherilyn The Menace had cut her sister’s hair with the scissors!! When I questioned her, she remained silent and didn’t say why she did it. This fella really kek sei ngor lor!!!!! I can never ever leave her alone with Baby. She is just too mischievous, eager to try new things and does not seem to be afraid of the consequences of her actions.

For the next few days, Baby kept saying this to me “naughty cheh cheh cut my face with scissors”.  Poor Baby and thank God, her face wasn’t badly cut and there is no scar on the face.  My carelessness too for not keeping the scissors.  Now, all her scissors are kept high up in the ‘forbidden drawer’ – a place where I keep all the confiscated stuff!

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Buy Gold Bullion

When I was little, my mum invested a fortune in piano lessons for my elder brother and me. My brother and I took piano lessons for over 10 years but we never liked it. We felt like it was a chore for us and we felt like we were forced to like piano lessons. My mum hired the wrong piano teacher too in the first place. One of our early piano teachers was like a tyrant. I remember she was really fierce and would knock our hands with a pencil when we played the wrong keys. She created a phobia in my brother and me. I am not going to make the same mistake as my mum. My girls have told me that they have no interest in taking piano lessons. I better just save the money and invest it, perhaps buy gold bullion or gold bars from!

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10th Wedding Anniversary

27th May 2010 marked the 10th anniversary of our wedding dinner. Our ROM was in the year 1999.  Our wedding dinnner on 27th May 2000 was held at the Concord Hotel KL.

A year ago on 27th May 2009, we celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary at the hospital in Penang with Baby. It was one of the happiest days for me as Baby was finally recovering after 3 weeks of pain and trauma in the hospital. She was discharged from the hospital the following day.  That particular wedding anniversary will forever be etched in my memory.  See how tiny and frail Baby was in this pic.  Her weight dropped from 8.5kg to a mere 7kg after 2 surgeries and 3 weeks of nil by mouth.  She was 13 months old then and grossly underweight.  Her weight was that of a 6-8 month old baby.

We bought a huge high-fibre cheese cake from Secret Recipe and most of the cake were given to the nurses at the pediatric ward.

A year on, we celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary at home, with our 2 older girls joining us.
photography backdrops UK
This year, we only bought 5 slices of cake from Secret Recipe.  But for the picture snapping session, 3 slices of cake were used, 1 candle on each cake, each girl to blow 1 candle.

I pray that there will be many, many more happy anniversaries for the both of us.

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When Mommy Is Too Busy…

…. this fella will sapu everything she fancies from the kitchen drawers and cabinets and plays masak-masak with them…. she will even put them all into her potty as if it were a wash basin. 

I felt like screaming my throat out when I saw those spoons inside the potty but but but, if she didn’t have such an entertaining thing to do, she would bug me and suck my boops dry LOL!! 

When I was busy doing exam revision with Alycia and Sherilyn last Sunday, Baby was left to entertain herself with our spoons, bowls and plates placed inside the potty. But you think I am outta my mind meh? So unhygienic to put spoons inside a potty!!  This potty is never used, though it is 6 years old. It was the first potty that I bought for Alycia but I found this fanciful potty impractical and never used it.

I am SOOOOO happy mummy ‘no eye see me’ play masak masak with the potty, he he he he he…..

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Investing In Gold A Better Choice

We are counting down the days to the day our domestic helper is leaving us for good. She has been with us for slightly over 2 years. Hubby and I have decided that we shall not be getting a replacement helper. Hubby is spending an average of a thousand bucks on our domestic helper each month (this includes her monthly pay, agency fee, her food and expenses and other miscellaneous expenses). Without a domestic helper, we can put the money to more profitable use. We can be investing in gold or buy gold coins with the money that we get to save. The price of gold has been pretty attractive for the past few years. Gold has always been a preferred choice of investment as it is considered a safe-haven investment. I think gold investment would be a better way of using our money than to spend it on something that is non-profitable.

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Wrong Approach

A good teacher brings the best out from a child, stokes up the child’s interest and knows how to capitalize on the child’s strengths and interests. But a teacher who does not have an inkling of what child psychology is and always says discouraging and intimidating words to the child will only kill a child’s interest and traumatize a child. Remember I told you that Alycia was selected by her class teacher to attend calligraphy class about 2 months back? If she is good enough, she would be selected to represent her school in calligraphy competitions in future. Lately, Alycia had been telling me that she hated calligraphy classes. She kept telling me that the Chinese words were very difficult to write. On Tuesday, as I was telling her to bring her bag which she puts her calligraphy stuff out, she vehemently told me that she didn’t want to attend calligraphy class anymore. She was almost in tears and was begging me not to let her go anymore. This girl of mine is a very sensitive child, unlike Sherilyn who is stronger and more ‘thick skin’. Throughout dinner, my mil and I probed Alycia and tried to grill the truth out from her as to why she was so afraid to go to her calligraphy class. And throughout dinner, she was crying and begging us not to let her attend calligraphy class anymore. I knew instantly that she is hiding something from me. I kept asking her if she was beaten or harshly scolded by her teacher and she said no. But I knew she was not telling me the truth. If she would cry so terribly and beg me not to send her there, something really terrifying must be happening in class.

Finally after dinner when I was alone in the wet kitchen, Alycia told me the truth when I probed her again. She told me that her teacher said this to her in Mandarin : “if you can’t write nicely again, you don’t have to attend class anymore”! I was disappointed that her teacher had said such words to intimidate / threaten her. She had instilled so much phobia in a 6.5 year old child, so much that she was really traumatized to attend class again. After discussing with my mil, I wrote a letter to her class teacher to tell her that Alycia will not be attending calligraphy class anymore. When we meet Alycia’s teacher to collect her report card next month, we will highlight this matter to the teacher. I think it is wrong for the calligraphy teacher to say such things to a Primary 1 child. I remember my ballet teacher said similar things to me when I was 7 years old, that “if you can’t dance, don’t come anymore”. I too was scared to tell my mum and had a phobia of attending ballet classes. Finally I dropped out after 2 years of ballet classes.

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A Safe Way To Organic Gardening

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of SaferBrand. All opinions are 100% mine.

If only we could afford it, I would go fully organic from the fruits we eat to the greens, eggs, meat, fish, sauces, noodles, grains, snacks to the kids formulated milk. That would cost us a fortune if we were to go fully organic. Since we cannot afford to go fully organic, I take extra care when I wash our non-organic vegetables and fruits. Our veggie and greens are soaked in salt water and washed several times before cooking. For fruits with skin like grapes and apples, I scrub the skin of the fruit using acidic water from our water filter before consuming them. If only we have a big plot of garden, I would definitely plant my own fruits and vegetables.

My kids and I love going to my parents as we get to eat naturally planted vegetables. My mum plants beans, basil leaves, herbs, chillies, lime trees and papaya trees in her garden. My mum has been telling me that insects and other bugs have been feasting on her veggie. She is very tempted to use pesticides on her home grown crops but I have been telling her to go natural or organic as much as possible. Now, I have found an organic pest control spray for her. EndALL insect spray is a new ready-to-use spray that can kill 45 different insect species from eggs to adults. It is OMRI-listed® and USDA-approved for organic gardening. EndALL insect spray can be used on ornamentals, trees, shrubs, fruits, vegetables, flowers and houseplants. There is no residual with this product as the spray dissolves into the soil. Isn’t it wonderful that you can now have a safe organic way of gardening? EndALL is safe for you, your family and for the earth.

Visit my sponsor: EndALL: Organic Insect Spray

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Water Guzzler

These days, I don’t have to keep nagging and reminding rascal #2 to finish her tumbler of water in school. She is SOOOOO motivated to chug down her tumbler of water in school and has even asked me for a bigger tumbler. And the motivation is from a simple rubber stamp mark on her hand from the pre-school principal!  Each day, she comes home with a cute red chop on her hand and she would proudly tell me that she has finished all her water and could go to the principal’s room to get the chop on her hand.  I think the principal has done a good job in getting the kids to finish their water through this fun way.

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Measurement – 25cm x 1.8cm
Bugslock Insect Repellent Wrist Band – can be worn by both adults and kids!
Price: RM13.00 each, RM12 each for purchase of 2 units and above.

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Store Important Documents At

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of – Safe storage for your important documents. All opinions are 100% mine.

One of my many fears is that I would loose my bank’s FD certificates. What if the bank also looses their data on my FD should their system crash? Knock on wood! The money in the bank are all my hard earned money or what the Chinese call ‘blood sweat’ money. I just learned that I can store all my valuable documents and papers at iSigned – secure online storage for legal and other important documents. This system is designed to offer people a secure online storage for legal and important documents like travel documents, contracts, IDs, guarantees, certificates, land titles or whatever you think is important.

The beauty of iSigned is that you can access your documents from iSigned anytime, anywhere. Just make sure you have a usable laptop or computer to gain access to your documents. iSigned’s special pro-active warnings can alert you on expiry dates and activities pertaining to your documents.

iSigned can be used by individuals and businesses. Individuals get unlimited storage from only $0.26 per day or $7.95 a month. Businesses get extra features and only cost them $14.95 a month for a minimum of 2 users.
You may want to try iSigned so that you get a peace of mind knowing that your important documents are save and secured. There is currently a free trial period for all users for unlimited period for 5 documents. Do give it a try, it’s free!


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Busy Bee Will Not Be Having A Helper Soon, Boo Hoo Hoo…

I have been staying up late tapping on my keyboard and having only 4-5 hours of sleep for the past few days. This always happens when my suppliers delivers my customer’s stock to me. Being a one-leg-kick and one-man-show, I have to do everything ALL BY MYSELF and this is NOT fun when you have 3 kids and 3 personal blogs to handle. I am really really jaded and burnt out now!! 

I have not only neglected my kids but also my blogs for I have totally no time to squeeze out to update them. It’s 6:15am now and I only have 10mins to update my blogs before I have to bring Alycia down to the lobby to wait for the driver.

My dining table is now mine and it’s quite an eye sore for it is now always covered with pos laju bags, consignment notes, loose threads, my arch files and my customer’s clothes….

The QA part before sending the clothes out is very tedious.  I try to check every part of the baju, cut off hanging threads and sometimes even iron them before sending them out.  If I detect a defect in the baju, pictures of the defect have to be taken, then email them to my supplier, send it back to her, get a refund from her, notify my customer, blah blah blah… all these I have to do with SO much interruption in between.  I love my online store and this business (which is now thriving) but with so much interruption from my kids, I am going bonkers. 

The latest news is that we will be sending our domestic helper back by end of next month and after all the hassle and stress of having one (we have had problematic helpers for 7 years), we have decided not to get a replacement full -time helper.  That means only one thing.  I have to either give up my beloved online shop or go reeeaaaaallly SLOW.  For those of you with 3 kids and no maid, you will know that this is indeed a very very handful chore   job  which not many mothers can take on.  Wish me luck, I really dont’ know how I will cope.  Well who knows, I may be happier without one.

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Future Singer

Apart from being a future hair stylist, dancer, ballerina, lawyer buruk and sales person, I think rascal #2 will turn out to be a great singer! Last night as I was helping her to shower, this rascal sang the ABC song in a medley of styles. First she sang it in the traditional tune, then she sang it like a rapper complete with actions and  later sang it the rock n roll way, accompanied by actions and dance.  She is imaginative, creative and she’s such a natural when it comes to singing and dancing.

Later, she announced that she wants to sing in front of many, many people!  But I’ll bet she will chicken out when the time comes.  I think she’ll most likely get stage fright when there’s a sea of people in front of her HAHA!

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Little Hair-Stylist Wannabe

As I am typing this post, my hair-stylist wannabe who aspires to go to the well known Arkansas Beauty School when she grows up is styling my hair with her bunch of hair accessories and combs. She is pulling and tugging my hair more than anything else. I wouldn’t mind if she combs it and tie it up neatly into a pony tail but this fella is pulling off gobs of hair off my scalp!! Each time she experiments her coiffuring skill on my already balding head, I wince in pain as every strand of hair is yanked off my scalp by the comb or hair clips. At the end of the half hour goose bump raising grooming session, the floor surrounding where I sit will be covered with my precious locks! Gosh, it’s absolute torture!

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Rude Shock

I was jolted up from bed at around 4am this morning when I heard a thud sound followed by Baby’s wail. She had fallen off our king sized bed!! My reflex action was amazingly quick. At the immediate sound of her cries, I jumped right up from bed, carried her up, gave her a hug and offered her my boops to pacify her haha! I must, must, must wean Baby off co-sleeping with us before another fall happens coz this fler tends to move like the clock’s hands when she sleeps and she’s all over our bed and all over us throughout the nite :S

Baby’s latest fascination — this activity of punching holes on our books and papers can keep her occupied for a long time.

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Whipping Up A Hurricane

These days, my mil has been very adventurous in the kitchen. Almost everyday, a surprise would await us ;P

One of the days last week, she whipped up a hurricane. In just half a day, she whipped up these surprises for us:

Baked lemon-orange cheese cake and a big portion of pesto sauce (made from fresh basil leaves, toasted pine nuts, fresh garlic, Parmesan cheese and olive oil)

Macro shot of the lemon orange baked cheese cake.

2 loaves of healthy multi grain bread.

And we had cheese cake and fresh-from-the-oven bread spread with fresh-from-the-blender pesto sauce for tea that day!  What a lovely treat we all had and I had to work out extra hard for the next few days that followed!

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Specially Adapted Vehicle For The Disabled

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of NMEDA. All opinions are 100% mine.

Being wheelchair bound does not mean that you have to be confined to your home’ four walls all the time. Even if you or your loved ones are wheelchair bound, there is a chance now to traverse to many places that you want in a specially adapted wheelchair vehicle that is safe and comfortable. But beware if you are buying these specially adapted wheelchair vehicles sold over the Internet or through catalogs. Please ensure that you get these special vehicles from qualified dealers like NMEDA (National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association) that can give you a personalized “in-person” evaluation of the vehicle.

NMEDA is a non-profit trade association that educates consumers on buying products from a NMEDA qualified dealer. The main advantage of purchasing an adapted wheelchair vehicle from a NMEDA qualified dealer is that the QAP (Quality Assurance Program) dealers will help you conduct on-site evaluations to custom fit your vehicle to your specific needs, something which other dealers or stores will not. These dealers help to improve the vehicle’s modifications and equipment so that it complies with the quality industry standards. The Quality Assurance Program (QAP) is the only nationally recognized accreditation program for the Adaptive Mobility Equipment Industry.

With NMEDA’s special assistance, being disabled and confined to a wheelchair does not mean living in solitary misery anymore. Quick search for an NMEDA qualified dealer near you at and do let me know when you have found one for the one that you care for.

Visit my sponsor: NMEDA

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My Encounters With Perverts

If you ask me if I had encountered any sex predator in my life, the answer is a big YES. But thank God, I was under his watchful eyes and was spared from physical harm. When I first came to the big city to study 2 decades ago, I shared a rented room with a college mate. We had to take the public bus to college every morning. The distance from our rented room to the bus stand was about 15 minutes’ walk. We had to pass by quiet alleys and a playground. I remember very vividly that I was stalked by this man on a motorcycle several times who would try to show off his Mr Hideous to me. There was also this teenage boy who would wait for me at the balcony of his parents’ double story house each morning and also tried to show me his Mr Hideous. I always looked away and ignored his presence.

My bus rides then were very eventful. My worst encounter was when I was seated with a pervert in the bus. I remember the bus was really packed on that day and I was very happy that I managed to grab a seat. About 15 minutes into the journey, I sensed something amiss and turned my head to a man seated next to me. To my horror, I saw the most hideous thing in my life! He had exposed himself in broad daylight in front of a bus packed with people! I was disgusted and in shock and left the seat immediately.

I had wanted to move out from the rented place as soon as possible but kept procrastinating. The last straw that made me move my butt was when my handbag was snatched by a man on a motorcycle one morning when I walked to the bus stand. Thank God again that I was spared from serious injuries, though I had slight scratches on my hand. At one point, during my many encounters with perverts, I told my room mate that I wanted to learn martial arts as a self-defense!

Alycia has been telling me that she wants to learn karate or martial arts. My answer would be a yes to her and I intend to start her next year. I think it’s a good idea to enroll your child into a self-defense class. You never know when she/he will need it to safe her own life or that of someone else.

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