My Saturday

After a hectic day of purging out 4 long online assignments with 1 more to go (not the easy to write 60 words ones ok!), processed 10 orders from my online store today, coached Alycia in her revision (1 more week to her first term exam – STERESSSSS!), entertained my boobs-addict 2yo toddler, put them all to sleep and all that jazz that a mother has to do, I finally have the time to do what I love to do – to update my beloved blogs with personal posts. I really find that it is very therapetic to update my blogs with my personal posts haha! Paid ones are kinda stressful coz I am not one who likes to crap and talk c**k though I can really crap if I want to….. IF my blog remains anonymous with no pix of my kids muahahahahah!!

I have been popping Panadol Actifast to help keep the crappy pain in my throat, neck and head at bay. My phlegm is still greenish but I believe I can heal myself without the use of antibiotics coz I have done it before, albeit it will take a little longer. I don’t believe in antibiotics. I think antibiotics will only weaken the body and cause the body to be resistant to it coz I am speaking from experience, especially with Baby who was on oral antibiotics for 14 months of her life.

I have lots more to talk about now that I have peace and serenity surrounding me – all 3 kids are asleep BUT I really have to end now. I have a bunch of invoice to issue to my customers, issue some emails to my supplier and customers and I have to crack my head to write another online assignment, sienz… but I shouldn’t complain. I am dealing with $$$ here!

Have a great Sunday everyone. Shall post pix tomorrow. Let me settle my wan cheen matters first k?

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A Good Mattress And Mattress Topper Are On My Wish List

The other reason why I am planning to buy a new mattress is because our old mattress has been soiled with pee, poop and vomit from our 3 babies! We have never washed our decade-old king size mattress as we don’t have a vacuum cleaner that can wash mattresses. The only way I cleansed it after my babies soiled on it was by spraying the mattress with an anti-bacterial and anti-odor spray. I cannot imagine how much bacteria and dust mine are harboring within our mattress now, eeekkkss!! I really don’t like the idea of sleeping on a bed that’s been soiled umpteen times with pee, poop, vomit and other body secretions LOL!

There are so many types of mattresses and mattress toppers in the market now and every manufacturer is claiming that their mattresses are the best. My hubs and I are currently using a memory foam neck support pillow and we love it to bits. Now, there is even a memory foam mattress which I am eyeing. I read that a memory foam mattress does not put any kind of resistance on your joints and entire body, thus allowing you to fully relax. The memory foam mattress can even adjust and become a tad harder and warmer on cold nights while on warmer nights, it can be softer and cooler. Isn’t this cool? Perhaps I should ask my man for a memory foam mattress complete with one of those comfy mattresses toppers as a gift for our 10th wedding anniversary!

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