Monkey Face

Tell me how can you be angry with your lil one who has just made you fuming mad when she does this to show you?

My lil tough cookie sure knows how to douse off the burning fire in us whenever she makes us mad. Sometimes she will sing songs when you scold her! Oh my, this cili padi is just like Sherilyn when she was at Baby’s age. Yesterday my mil scolded Baby for spitting her food out… to which she nonchalantly sang “Its’ A Small World”, which btw is one of Baby’s favorite song and she can sing it pretty well too!

As the days to Baby’s 1st anniversary of her 2 major surgeries are fast approaching, I can’t help but keep reminiscing the count down days to 5 May 2009, the day which will forever be etched in my memory. Exactly a year ago today, I was busy packing my big suit case, ready for the hospital stay with Baby. I had only thought that it would be a week long stay (as told by the surgeon) and never did I imagine that the week long stayed turned into a 3-week long nightmarish stay…

Have a great Sunday peeps!

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