Homecooked Dishes… And My Bone-Loving Girls

These are some dishes that my mil cooked for dinner:

Braised chicken with potatoes.  And stir-fried red and yellow bell peppers, french beans and ‘kai paye koo’ (chicken drumstick fresh mushrooms).  It’s called ‘kai paye koo’ as the huge mushroom stems resemble chicken drumsticks!  I love them and so do #2 and #3 but not #1 who hates mushrooms 🙁

Stuffed bitter gourd and tofu pok with homemade fish paste that my mil made from ‘kau yue’ (mackeral fish?).  Stir-fried Chinese spinach.

Sweet corns and big pork bones (they are the ‘kuat sui’ or bone marrow of pigs).  If you throw in 2 pieces of pork bone marrow into your pot of soup, the soup will turn out really sweet.

Whenever there is pork bone marrow in the pot of soup, my 3 girls will fight for the bones, Baby inclusive. Baby even eats the meat as it’s tender and not tough.

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