Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all you great ladies out there who are mothers. Today is OUR day, we really deserve a big pat on our back and we deserve to have this day to ourselves doing nothing but to let our hair down, chill out, go shopping, go to our favorite restaurant, watch our favorite movie, sit back and relax!

Having said this, I don’t think I can afford to pamper myself to all these luxuries today. Alycia will be sitting for her first term exam from tomorrow onwards for 2 weeks and I have to be stuck at home to do revision with her. Yup, we are doing last minute revision and I haven’t done any with her yet.

We had an early Mother’s Day celebration at Unique Seafood Restaurant @ PJ last night.

We had great seafood…

Great pix….

And Baby had a great time digging into the white chocolate sponge cake.

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For those of you who have enquired about this checkers dress, this dress (both the black and gray) has now been restocked!

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