Sleeping Child

Baby was so sleepy that she dozed off on her potty while watching Barney. It was way past 10pm and I had just finished spoon-feeding her with formula milk.

Notice the little pail on the floor? I sometimes have to put this ‘vomit pail’ on standby coz this fler has a tendency to spew out the regurgitated milk half way through drinking. She still dislikes formula milk.  Now, this fler knows that we all get panick each time she vomits and she has used this ‘weapon’ to manipulate us.  Each time we force her to finish something that she doesn’t like to eat or drink, she will say “I want to vomit” and then feigns vomiting with the loud “euoooookkkkkk” sound, while pretending to search for the vomit pail!!

Can anyone guess what these are? Don’t look at the labelling on the pots k?  They make great pasta sauce, bread spread and best of all, they can cure your sore throat! Head over to my health blog, Health Is Wealth to find out.

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