Alycia’s Typical Afternoon

These days, the weather has been freaking sweltering. Poor Alycia, when she comes home from school in the afternoon, both her cheeks will be as red as a lobster.  On most days, both her white shirt and blue pinafore will be soaked with her sweat. I tell yer, Alycia comes home from school looking like a construction worker after a hard day’s work! Not only would she be sweating profusely, her knees and hands are really bad and her bag would be dusty and torn. I had thrown 2 of her smaller bags away, which she puts her calligraphy stuff. They looked as if they were burnt and bitten by a dog LOL!!!! I kid you not, it’s so true and I must snap a pic of the next torn bag. I suspect she hung the small bag on her trolley bag and dragged the smaller bag on the road.  Initially I thought the bag was burnt by the driver’s car exhaust pipe haha!

Though she badly wants a cool shower the minute she steps into the house, my mil would forbid her from doing so, lest she gets ‘lon pan’ (some kind of skin pigmentation caused by contact with water on a sweaty skin.  Whatcha call this skin condition?). To cool her down, I normally give her a mug of cold drink / juice with ice cubes.

Nothing is more refreshing on a hot day than downing a mug of cold drink with ice cubes.

Alycia having a quick bite of papaya and mackeral sandwich before she zooms off for her next activity – Mandarin tuition.

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