Of Homework And Seven Year Olds

Alycia had forgotten to bring her school’s message book home one day and this spelt TROUBLE coz she wasn’t able to check the homework she had to do. Her school’s teachers are pretty strict and punishment will be imposed if students forget to do their homework or forget to bring a book.  Alycia had forgotten to complete her homework (given on Friday, to be passed up on Monday) twice and her class teacher wrote a note on the message book — that I was to call her!!  I freaked out when I saw the message!   I have since entered this ‘complete homework’ reminder into my computer’s eCalendar, lest I forget to check her homework again hahaha!!

Anyway, back to Alycia and her message book. I was spoon-feeding Baby with water that afternoon. This Baby is not one who would willingly drink water and needs lots and lots of patience and threats to make her drink water. Alycia freaked out when she found out that she had left her message book in her desk in school.  She pestered me non-stop to go to her school’s website right away to check what homework she was to do. This girl, when she wants something, she wants it right away and she cannot wait a wee bit.  Let her wait,  she will yak and nag to the point I am forced to grab some cotton wool and plug them on my ears haha!  She dragged Baby away from me and volunteered to feed Baby water so that I could log on to her school website on the spot.

I really cannot recall being laden with such heavy homework everyday when I was 7 years old. Is your 7 year-old child also bogged down with a lot of homework from school everyday?

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