Homecooked Dishes

Here I go again, flaunting some of my mil’s sau sai (culinary skills). When she goes to Hong Kong again very soon, I will be left with the daunting task of planning the meals, 2x a day, 6/7, boohoo hoo hoo hoo …..

Steamed chicken with wood ear fungus, dried golden needle mushrooms, dried mushrooms, Chinese cooking wine…

Stir-fried celery, fresh mushrooms and sweet peas with fresh scallops…

Braised fish with tau cheong (fermented soy bean paste) and tofu pok…

Onion omelette – the kids’ all time favorite.

Steamed minced pork with shredded wood ear fungus, dried portobello mushrooms, shredded cuttlefish and mar thai (water chestnut). This is my all-time favorite and my mil makes very delish steamed pork dishes. In order to get a smooth texture of the pork, you need to add in some pork fat.  Also, you have to mix the raw minced pork with some sesame seed oil, pepper, salt and water and stir and stir in one direction in a big bowl before steaming it.

Stir-fried baby french beans with baby sweetcorn, fresh scallops and Japanese fishballs.

I have more pix of her sau sai to upload but I’ll do that in my next post. I’m sure you peeps are already salivating here eh, heheheheheh…..

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