Of Veggie, Fruits And Sweet Corns

Baby who used to love eating veggie when she was younger has now turned her back on the greens. She only eats selected veggie and even this, I have to cut the greens up into real tiny pieces and conceal them with her food so that she doesn’t see anything green amongst the rice or noodles! Baby is no fruit lover too. This may be one reason why she is often constipated. Thank God she is quite acceptable to red dragon fruits and this fruit is really effective in helping to move her stubborn bowels.

This is Baby’s latest craze – sweet corns. She can graze on them non-stop until I stop her. Most kids love sweet corns. I don’t know of any kid who doesn’t like these sweet little grains, do you?

Baby feasting on organic sweet corns. Sometimes I see those yellow grains amongst her poop too yikes!

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Here are just a few samples:

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