Busy Bee Will Not Be Having A Helper Soon, Boo Hoo Hoo…

I have been staying up late tapping on my keyboard and having only 4-5 hours of sleep for the past few days. This always happens when my suppliers delivers my customer’s stock to me. Being a one-leg-kick and one-man-show, I have to do everything ALL BY MYSELF and this is NOT fun when you have 3 kids and 3 personal blogs to handle. I am really really jaded and burnt out now!! 

I have not only neglected my kids but also my blogs for I have totally no time to squeeze out to update them. It’s 6:15am now and I only have 10mins to update my blogs before I have to bring Alycia down to the lobby to wait for the driver.

My dining table is now mine and it’s quite an eye sore for it is now always covered with pos laju bags, consignment notes, loose threads, my arch files and my customer’s clothes….

The QA part before sending the clothes out is very tedious.  I try to check every part of the baju, cut off hanging threads and sometimes even iron them before sending them out.  If I detect a defect in the baju, pictures of the defect have to be taken, then email them to my supplier, send it back to her, get a refund from her, notify my customer, blah blah blah… all these I have to do with SO much interruption in between.  I love my online store and this business (which is now thriving) but with so much interruption from my kids, I am going bonkers. 

The latest news is that we will be sending our domestic helper back by end of next month and after all the hassle and stress of having one (we have had problematic helpers for 7 years), we have decided not to get a replacement full -time helper.  That means only one thing.  I have to either give up my beloved online shop or go reeeaaaaallly SLOW.  For those of you with 3 kids and no maid, you will know that this is indeed a very very handful chore   job  which not many mothers can take on.  Wish me luck, I really dont’ know how I will cope.  Well who knows, I may be happier without one.

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