Water Guzzler

These days, I don’t have to keep nagging and reminding rascal #2 to finish her tumbler of water in school. She is SOOOOO motivated to chug down her tumbler of water in school and has even asked me for a bigger tumbler. And the motivation is from a simple rubber stamp mark on her hand from the pre-school principal!  Each day, she comes home with a cute red chop on her hand and she would proudly tell me that she has finished all her water and could go to the principal’s room to get the chop on her hand.  I think the principal has done a good job in getting the kids to finish their water through this fun way.

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100631 森林系女孩~清純芭蕾~點點細肩露背蕾絲小洋裝~A藍點點,B粉點點
AB #5-15

100635 永遠的華麗小公主~夢幻款~芭蕾舞風粉色澎澎蕾絲洋裝

100636 又甜又HOT~星星口袋棉質反折小熱褲~A藍,B桃粉
AB #5-15

100637 小可愛~細肩帶玫瑰愛心小貓咪棉質上衣

100518 沉醉在燦爛繽紛彩虹裡~亮麗棉質啦啦隊洋裝

100545 夏日精選~立體口袋~紅紅小金龜車車牛仔短褲

100571 大童款~韓版蕾絲棉質長版上衣

Measurement – 25cm x 1.8cm
Bugslock Insect Repellent Wrist Band – can be worn by both adults and kids!
Price: RM13.00 each, RM12 each for purchase of 2 units and above.

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