When Mommy Is Too Busy…

…. this fella will sapu everything she fancies from the kitchen drawers and cabinets and plays masak-masak with them…. she will even put them all into her potty as if it were a wash basin. 

I felt like screaming my throat out when I saw those spoons inside the potty but but but, if she didn’t have such an entertaining thing to do, she would bug me and suck my boops dry LOL!! 

When I was busy doing exam revision with Alycia and Sherilyn last Sunday, Baby was left to entertain herself with our spoons, bowls and plates placed inside the potty. But you think I am outta my mind meh? So unhygienic to put spoons inside a potty!!  This potty is never used, though it is 6 years old. It was the first potty that I bought for Alycia but I found this fanciful potty impractical and never used it.

I am SOOOOO happy mummy ‘no eye see me’ play masak masak with the potty, he he he he he…..

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Investing In Gold A Better Choice

We are counting down the days to the day our domestic helper is leaving us for good. She has been with us for slightly over 2 years. Hubby and I have decided that we shall not be getting a replacement helper. Hubby is spending an average of a thousand bucks on our domestic helper each month (this includes her monthly pay, agency fee, her food and expenses and other miscellaneous expenses). Without a domestic helper, we can put the money to more profitable use. We can be investing in gold or buy gold coins with the money that we get to save. The price of gold has been pretty attractive for the past few years. Gold has always been a preferred choice of investment as it is considered a safe-haven investment. I think gold investment would be a better way of using our money than to spend it on something that is non-profitable.

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