Naughty Jie Jie Cut My Face With A Scissors!

Rascal #2 cut Baby’s face with a pair of scissors early this week. I was in the toilet and suddenly, I heard Baby screaming and crying. I rushed out and rascal #2 said this “I tried to take away the scissors from Baby and I accidentally cut her face“. I don’t know if she was telling the truth or she was being curious and tried to cut her sister’s face to see what happens.

This is the pair of scissors that Sherilyn used to cut Baby’s face.

Several hours later, I saw a gob of hair on the bathroom mat. I knew instantly that Sherilyn The Menace had cut her sister’s hair with the scissors!! When I questioned her, she remained silent and didn’t say why she did it. This fella really kek sei ngor lor!!!!! I can never ever leave her alone with Baby. She is just too mischievous, eager to try new things and does not seem to be afraid of the consequences of her actions.

For the next few days, Baby kept saying this to me “naughty cheh cheh cut my face with scissors”.  Poor Baby and thank God, her face wasn’t badly cut and there is no scar on the face.  My carelessness too for not keeping the scissors.  Now, all her scissors are kept high up in the ‘forbidden drawer’ – a place where I keep all the confiscated stuff!

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When I was little, my mum invested a fortune in piano lessons for my elder brother and me. My brother and I took piano lessons for over 10 years but we never liked it. We felt like it was a chore for us and we felt like we were forced to like piano lessons. My mum hired the wrong piano teacher too in the first place. One of our early piano teachers was like a tyrant. I remember she was really fierce and would knock our hands with a pencil when we played the wrong keys. She created a phobia in my brother and me. I am not going to make the same mistake as my mum. My girls have told me that they have no interest in taking piano lessons. I better just save the money and invest it, perhaps buy gold bullion or gold bars from!

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