Wayward Child?

Rascal #2 never fails to give us heart attacks each time we bring her out.  Many times, just when we were busy in the midst of doing something, she would be out of our radar.  She loves wandering away from us.  My mil, hubs and I would always chide her off big time whenever she wanders away from us but this fella is never afraid.  I have been frightening her with exaggerated stories of young kids being kidnapped but this does not seem to bother her very much.

Yesterday when I was busy checking the receipt at the check-out counter at a nearby mini market, she again zoomed off my radar… away to the corner of the road to look for her daddy.  One time when I brought her shopping at FOS Times Square, she hid among the rack of clothes and I panicked like a headless chicken when I realized that she was totally out of my radar!   She is like a mischievous pup let off the leash each time we bring her out. 

Just now when we had finished shopping for fruits and veggie at the pasar malam and were at the car loading the stuff into the car trunk, she touched the hot exhaust pipe with her hands!  Then with the black hands, wiped them on her dress!!  This fella is really challenging and testing my already wearing thin patience to the max!

Know what? I am very, very tempted to get this safety harness and wear it on Rascal #2 whenever we go out, so that I know she’s safe in my hands!!

This safety harness is available at my online store, Old And New Stuff For Sale.

Kid Keeper Safety Harness = RM25
H19.5cm x W18.5cm, Safety Sling 78cm
Strap and Safety buckle adjustable, color box packing. Suitable for 10months and above walking baby.
ETA end of June 2010

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