Our Sunday

Today is another typical Sunday – morning in church and after church, off we went for lunch. Our initial plan was to have Italian’s at Marco’s, Bangsar Village but ended up having a joy ride round PJ looking for other food… and all the kids in the car complaining of being famished! We finally settled for Chinese food at Paris, SS2 PJ.

Here are some pix taken in Sunday School today:

Baby is another social butterfly like her #2 jie jie, who is not afraid of volunteering to do things asked by the Sunday School volunteer teachers.

Something funny happened.  Baby who had never met this little boy here suddenly spotted him from across where she was seated.  It was as if there was a magnetic force and she was SOOO drawn to him.  She ran to this little boy and into this boy’s mummy’s arms like they have known each other all their lives!  This happened several times throughout Sunday School.  I later chatted with the little boy’s mummy and found out that he was born in the same month and same year as Baby! 

Baby also obediently participated during the prayer sessions.  I had a good laugh looking at her half closing her eyes while peeping at other kids LOL!

Baby volunteered to help the Sunday School teacher.  I think she will have no problem adapting herself when I send her to nursery next year. 

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