Don’t Take My Shampoo!

One of Baby’s pet peeves is that her 2 jie jies cannot take the shampoo that she uses! My 2 older girls prefer to shower in the master bedroom bathroom while I prefer to shower Baby in the other bathroom. I have forbidden my 2 older girls to use liquid body shampoo as they play with it and use too much of it. They are only allowed to use Johnson & Johnson’s bar soap. But these 2 rascals will always come to the other bathroom and conveniently bring the bottle of body shampoo there.  When this happens, all hell will break loose!  Baby will scream “my shampoo….. don’t take my shampoo, don’t take my shampoo, GIVE ME BACK!!”  She will then wait no further and will transfer all the bottles of shampoo back to her bathroom – 2 huge bottles in both her tiny arms!  I have been telling Baby that she has to share her shampoo and everything else with her 2 jie jies but she is still not accepting this yet. Well, 2 yo toddlers are mostly like that.  My 2 older girls were like that too when they were younger. Baby is very very bossy and territorial and I think she will be the fiercest among my 3 girls.

On another note, we will be making a trip back to Ipoh today.  Tomorrow we will head up north to Penang to GMC.  Baby will be due for her bi-annually ultrasound scan of her kidneys tomorrow.  Gosh, I am nervous and anxious. I hope the scan shows that her right kidney is developing normally.  Please pray for Baby.

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