Raring To Go

These pix were taken inside the lift of our condo, on the day we left KL for Ipoh. The girls had waited for this moment for days.  They waited for daddy the whole day to come back from the office to start the journey and made more than 10 calls to daddy on his handphone to hurry him up.

My princess wannabe who is forever the vain pot packed this bag full of her hair accessories, necklace and her paraphernalia. We told her not to bring the bag as our car boot was already full to the brim but she was steadfast with her wish.  She was in tears when we forebade her from bringing this bulky vanity bag along. I can imagine her bringing along a huge suitcase filled with her vanity stuff 10 years down the road!! Daddy better save up some money to buy a bigger car LOL!

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