Crazy Over Yee Mein

My 3 girls are hooked on yee mein and they like it cooked in all fashions – Cantonese style, Hokkien style, soup base or simply eat the yee mein on its own. Even iLike yee mein – it’s crispy and reminds me of eating Mamee, my favorite childhood junk food 😀

The other day, I cooked one big pot of fried yee mein and can you beat it that my girls ate them for 3 meals straight in a row?  For lunch, dinner and lunch again the next day!! I was laughing all the way coz my girls loved my cooking and it was easy job for me as I only had to cook once for 3 meals LOL!!

Here’s another fashion of savouring the yee mein….

Tofu fish balls, pork slices, prawns and veggie boiled in fried fish soup. The ingredients and soup are then poured over the uncooked crispy yee mein. My kids loved it!

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