Bedtime Stories With Granny

My 3 girls LOVE going to their koong koong and granny’s in Ipoh. When they are back in Ipoh, they are spoilt rotten by the ever indulgent grandparents. My dad, he will bring the girls to buy ice-creams, chocolates, junk food and bring them for walks by the hill side to see the old mother goose (which they love, though they were often chased by it!) monkeys and horses. They look forward to cycling on their bicycles and playing in the wading pool. My mum, she will make them kaya, jams, bread, pies, cakes, cookies and do many fun activities with them. One of the activities is reading bedtime stories.

They love being in Ipoh so much that they refused to follow us to Penang during the school holidays recently. My hubs, mum and I had to persuade and bribe Alycia to follow us to Penang!

A tender moment – my mum reading a story book to the girls before bedtime.

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Buying Cheap Supplements From Online Pharmacies

I have been waiting for over a week, waiting anxiously for the 7 tubs of supplements that I had purchased to arrive from the U.K. This is the third time I am purchasing these supplements for Baby from this online store in the U.K. These are supplements to support a healthy urinary tract system, so that her urinary tract stays clear of bacteria, in the hope that she will have no more UTI attacks. Baby has been taking these supplements for almost a year now. I stumbled upon this supplement a year ago while surfing the internet in a desperate mean to find something that could prevent those pesky bacteria from attacking Baby’s urinary tract.

These days, online pharmacies that sell cheap supplements are aplenty in the world wide web. I am a regular shopper of supplements from the internet. I find that these online pharmacies carry a wider choice of supplements, as compared to local pharmacies. I used to buy herbs (to treat the PCOS I was suffering from) and whey protein from the internet years ago. During the height of my PCOS disorder (and had unexplained weight gain), I consumed a lot of whey protein, in order to lose weight.   I was on a high protein, low carb diet then.

If you have in mind to buy supplements from the internet, you may want to check out They are reputable, carry a wide selection of supplements and health products and have been around for almost 30 years.

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