Pissed Off

I have been really pissed off with one of my suppliers. I was her customer but she had never valued me. I had given her so much business. She was arrogant, extremely rigid, very calculative, terribly stingy and unethical. Recently, we had a fall out and I finally ended my business relationship with her. I am not one who likes to find fault with someone else or create enemies but with her, she had tested my patience to the very end. Ever since I ditched that supplier from hell, I have been searching around for new suppliers. One of my new suppliers could offer me very good terms. Apart from selling clothes, she also sells gold coins and gold jewelries at good rates. But I don’t think I would buy gold coins or gold jewelries from her. For gold coins, I would prefer to buy them from reputable suppliers like usgoldbureau.com.

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During The School Holidays

During the school holidays, I hurt my back terribly and resulted in my movement being very limited. I was in great pain and had to go to the hospital to have an X Ray taken on my back. Since my mil has gone to HK,  we had to bring the whole jing gang along to the hospital. My 3 rambunctious girls were like 3 wild baby monkeys … jumping, running and making helluva noise at the hospital. Thankfully we were not chided off by the hospital staff as we are regulars there and most of the staff there know us.

While my 3 rambunctious samsengs monkeyed around, daddy dozed off at the chair while waiting for our turn. He also had an X ray of his feet as he had hurt them during his basketball matches.

My 2 older girls also helped me tear the Pos Laju consignment notes. Alycia ain’t very good in the tearing and Sherilyn was pretty good in the tearing job. Alycia is better in sticking the docket pocket onto the flyer bags.

My customers’ clothes, waiting to be collected by the pos laju postman.

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