A Day With Celebrities

Today we had lunch with our old friend, Alan Yun at Imbi Palace. Alan is a model, commercials actor and now a movie star. We have known him since he was a school boy and he’s like our little brother.

The 3 girls, hubby and I with Alan Yun. On Alan’s right is Emily (model & actress). On hubby’s left is former national basketball player – darn tall & burly guy.

Afer lunch, we had ice-creams for dessert at Haegan Daz @ Lot 10. Whilst walking to Haegan Daz @ Lot 10, we bumped into Chef Wan, the celebrity chef! He is very warm and friendly… and even gave Baby a peck on her cheek 😀

I shared this ‘Paradise’ ice cream with the girls. Now, I feel so bloated and certainly don’t feel like I’m in paradise!

Our friend ate this banana split.

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