Our Simple Homecooked Dinner

Ever since my mil has gone to HK, our meals are pretty simple and easy to cook. I normally cook 2 dishes and there is always a soup. At least twice a week, I will either fry noodles, fry rice, cook spaghetti / pasta or cook porridge. I only cook once in the afternoon and then everyone eats the same thing again for dinner. Sometimes, we eat the same thing again the next day – for lunch haha! That rarely happens, unless my girls are crazy over that dish.

I always make sure that there is a protein dish and a fibre dish served at each meal. Red meat and seafood are rarely cooked. Fish is cooked every other day.  Greens are served everyday.

Here’s one of my dinners:

Fried yee mein (I cooked this in the afternoon – for lunch and dinner!), stir-fried brocolli with chicken slices and a long beans-onions omelette.  The brocolli and omelette dish were too big a portion and we had this again for lunch the next day.

Are your menus pretty much the same as mine too? Would love to hear yours too 🙂

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