Spoil Rotten By Daddy

I wonder whether all kids born in the middle are harder to handle and have what people call the ‘middle child syndrome’. I am facing a very tough time handling my #2. She is a very demanding child, very whiny, very disobedient, can be very daring and rebellious and she cries every single day. She’s 5 years old. I try to be patient with her but she seems to fall on deaf ears when I talk sensibly to her. Negative aspects aside, this little fella can be very sweet and angelic at times, when she is in a good mood. She is also very vain, likes to dress herself up from head to toe and likes her hair long. When Sherilyn grows up, I wouldn’t be surprised if she badgers her daddy to send her to Jacksonville Cosmetology School, a renowned beauty school in the U.S. And I wouldn’t be surprised that her daddy would accede to her request as she is spoilt rotten by him.

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